Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yikes! He has Shark Teeth!

Little Man is 6 turning 7 in a couple of months' time, and typically at this stage it's where the milk teeth will shed to make way for the permanent teeth. 
That was Little Man's very first lower (right) central incisor that came loose on 1st August 2012. His teething problem did gave me a little scare as it wasn't shed before the permanent teeth were out, which is unusual.
You see, what Little Man developed was termed as "shark teeth" ie. permanent teeth growing behind the milk teeth. I was concerned about Little Man's condition for a moment as I see his permanent teeth emerging while the milk teeth show no signs of shedding. 

We then did a little reading up on the internet and found that this is rather common amongst children, occur in approximately 10% of children in general. There are a few guesses made by dentists as to why "shark teeth" occur -
Some dentists believe that this occurs because the roots of the baby teeth don't get dissolved like they normally should and the permanent teeth have nowhere else to go, so they just come into the mouth where there is the least amount of resistance.
Other dentists say that the permanent teeth start growing in behind the baby teeth because there is too much crowding in the lower jaw.
Another theory says that because the permanent teeth develop behind the baby teeth, this is simply a slight deviation from normal and they just didn't make it as far forward as they should have. ~ Source:
We held out bringing Little Man for a dental check up after noticing the teeth coming rather shaky and eventually dropped on their own with literally no pain and minimal blood shed. But I did develop another concern as the permanent teeth were growing further in the gums than the milk teeth were previously, was worried if he'd need to have braces on in future if those new teeth didn't come forward.

My concern was unfounded as over the past weeks the two permanent lower central incisors were being pushed forward by the tongue progressively and now he's smiling brightly with two new teeth amongst the baby ones.

If your child is experiencing the "shark teeth" condition you might want to read up on the following websites which we have researched on previously to understand more about it. If you are still uneasy of the matter, do bring your child for a dental check up soon :)


Dominique Goh said...

My eldest also has this problem of the permanent teeth growing behind the milk teeth and the milk teeth doesn't seem to be falling out as fast. I hope that he doesn't need to use braces like I did last time.

Rose said...

My 6 turning 7 yo girl also having her first permanent teeth on the same spot as your boy. The baby still not shedding off although shaking oretty vigorously. The permanent teeth can be seen clearly from behind that teeth. If the baby teeth not shedding soon I may have it out by end of the year.