Monday, October 01, 2012

Meal Preparation for Busy Moms - One Pot Meals

Is it any wonder why one pot meals are most welcome by moms? No prizes for making the correct guess. One pot wonders are time savers in prep work, totally hassle-free, no compromise in nutrition!

I LOVE one pot meals, especially when I am so pressed for time and when I have run out of inspiration of what to prepare for the night's dinner. One pot meals save the day! :)

My family and my all time favourite one pot meals revolve around the following (click onto the links below for the recipes) -
Ayam Pongteh
Stews are simple because all that's required is time for the meat to be cooked into perfection. Minimal prep work as you can just put everything into the pot and start cooking. If you own a slow cooker or even a thermal pot or a ceramic pot all the better!
Beef Goulash
Boeuf Bourguignon
Pork with chestnuts
Ayam Pongteh
Sesame Oil Chicken
Chicken with sweet corn
Olive Vegetable Rice

Flavoured Rice
If you favour rice as a staple and don't want the hassle of preparing several dishes to go with rice, flavoured rice will be the BEST choice for a meal. All it requires are simple ingredients to whip up in the shortest time. Most importantly is to prepare the rice preferably a day/night before. If that's not possible, just prepare the rice a few hours prior to frying it will do. The following are the regular flavoured rice I love to prepare as it takes very little time to pull the ingredients together.
Chinese fried rice
Thai Pineapple rice
Olive vegetable rice
Beef with Capsicum fried rice
Fried chicken wings with mushroom rice
Claypot chicken rice
Taro rice
Egg Noodles

My kids are great fans of noodles, they will never reject noodles for dinner! Here are a few that all of us have grown to love at home.
Fried egg noodles
Yee Fu noodles (you may also use yee mee as a replacement too)
Fried prawn noodles

Preparing meals for me and my family has always been kept to the simplest possible. As I busy myself with all the responsibilities at home, it's utmost crucial that I spend the least time slaving before the stove the better.

In my next post I shall share more about simple dishes to prepare to cut the mundane of one pot wonders. Stay tuned!


Adora said...

Mmmmmm thank you for sharing! I am also a big fan of one dish meals. My husband is pescatarian so it's tough finding recipes since I love meats. I'm so going to try your olive vegetable rice recipe! And ooooo sesame oil chicken, it's my absolute favourite!!!

Willyn said...

drool, starving now!!!