Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bonding with My Kids

The decision to become a SAHM was not a difficult one to make from the onset for me. It was a natural attitude change for me when my firstborn came along. I wanted to be there for him in every step of his growing up days. I wanted to celebrate all the milestones and failures that he might walk through. I wanted to laugh, to cry, to learn and to play with him everyday of his life.

So not too long after Missy (my second child) was born I had the hubby’s blessings to step down from the corporate ladder and to fully concentrate on being a mother.  It was a privilege!

Time is scarce these days and I was glad I did have that opportunity to spend 24/7 with my kids then. Now, they are in school, Mondays to Fridays, while I busy myself with my small home biz, finding opportunities to bond with my kids has become somewhat more challenging but it’s necessary!
Here are a few activities we do together as I bond with them:
1)   Daily walks and talks
·      Fortunately, the kids’ school is just a stone’s throw away. I took the opportunity to chit chat with them as we walk along together to and fro school.
·      Conversation topics are varied, it could be about the plot we read in a children’s literature; about the latest happenings in school. It could also be a science/nature learning opportunity as we walk past some trees, bushes and plants. We have discussed about our faith in Jesus, the food we ate, the field trips we have taken and the list just is inexhaustible.
2)   Home learning
·      We sit down together by our work table every evening after dinner as I guide them through 15mins of work.
·      Beyond academics, we are into art lately and have been learning about the great artists and their style/habit of painting/drawing.
3)   Read aloud sessions
·      This has always been the kids favourite especially Missy. Both my kids enjoy being read to and hence would not miss this for the world.
·      We continue our chat and discussion about the book after each session and I love it that there were many occasions of teachable moments I could draw my kids’ attention to.

We are in a world of busy schedules and massive distraction. I am certainly guilty of being distracted most of the time. But routine activities with the kids have given me the opportunity to bond with them as it becomes a habit. While I try to weave in the extras such as watching a play together, having a meal out of home, going to the movies.

I often remind myself, the kids will only be this young once and I ought to make a conscious effort to be more involved in their lives and to show them my love.

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