Saturday, August 04, 2012


I remember the very first time I held a camera in my hands and start snapping away, it was a film camera with no auto-winding feature. It kept me extremely busy then even though I was still in primary school.

I cannot recall how long ago, neither can I remember what or how I've developed an interest in photography. I guess, during those days, it was the anticipation of the surprises that I might receive as I waited for the photos to be processed. Or it might also be that I wish to hone some photography skills to fulfill the fantasy of being a pro photographer some day (I know that's a little farfetched) :)

I owned my very first digital camera about 10 years ago and I was already so thrilled to be able to see the results of what I have photographed instantly. That time, I didn't have much to photograph except for my mini schnauzer pet dog. 

After all those years, I have reignited the interest and enthusiasm in photography all over again when I first became a mom. There was a reason, a purpose and a need to capture all those truly precious moments and growing up milestones of my children. Thus the journey of a Mamarazzo has begun!

"No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget " ~ Anonymous

I have long way more to go in perfecting my photography skills. I'd say, I am enjoying the process of learning as I practice. Photographing my kids, as I've discovered, is one of the most challenging yet most satisfying experience I've had. Whenever I've captured one good shot, it's enough for me to reminisce the moment for a really long while! 

The trip to our National Library today was a fruitful one. I carted back these books (as seen on the above photo) and planned to 'devour' it thoroughly. Hoping to pick up some useful/practical tips on capturing the memorable moment that even my kids would love to remember of when they are all grown up.

"I truly believe that what I do is not about pictures on paper. It's about making a connection. The portrait is a side effect" ~ Cheryl Jacobs

Photographing my kids have given me the opportunity to connect with my kids in a very special way. Quite aptly put by Cheryl Jacobs, the connection is truly beyond words.

Missy's pair of feet, while still in bed after waking from her nap.

Kiddos enjoying each other's company.

Missy's winning laughter - precious!

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