Thursday, August 16, 2012

Knack for Art

Missy has exhibited a lot of interest in drawing since last year and she's been drawing A LOT! One problem though, she's only been drawing one thing and ONLY one thing that is princesses in various forms/sizes/shapes never quite gotten out of using this subject for all her drawing. We can't quite seem to be able to help her draw something else for the lack of the technical skills ourselves. We have encouraged and demonstrated but to no avail.

While I do enjoy crafting as a hobby, drawing is really not my forte. I was privileged to be exposed to heART Studio one day and was given a glimpse of what was being offered in this school.

Their programs excited me to want to let Missy have a go at it. You can read more in detail about their programs here.

When we first stepped into heART Studio, we were already bowled over by their vast amount of space. Clean and bright with loads of cheery drawings either drawn on the walls or hung in picture frames. A really inviting environment.

The kids were given time cards to punch-in for their attendance - brilliant idea :) in a way the kids are given the ownership/responsibilities to mark their own attendance. It relief the teachers for having too much duties to handle. 
Missy picked a Barn Owl as the subject for the first lesson. My immediate reaction on my mind was, "are you sure, you can draw this? So much details!" Yikes! I wouldn't even dare to attempt it myself *LOLz* But I bit my tongue and decided to just watch and see what happens.

She was guided step by step on the technicalities of drawing by teacher Elma. Very impressed too that Missy was able to focus and take instructions quite well.

It's always good to be in the same class with a friend that Missy is familiar with. She has a good company with Kyle being in the same class as her.

About half way through the lesson, Missy, was already drawing the owl this way. Thank goodness, I didn't blurted what was on my mind otherwise I'd have to swallow my words! :)

By the end of lesson one I was completely convinced and impressed by what Missy could do! The progression of her work was remarkable in just ONE LESSON! Given the close guidance of the correct techniques, even a 5-year-old could draw well!

See Kyle's work? Isn't it amazing?

At lesson two, the kids were taught to fill in their drawings with colours. They were made to bring home their drawings and complete the colouring work. These were their completed assignments.
Missy still needed a wee bit more guidance in learning how to match the correct colours to what she sees on the picture but I am overall very pleased that she's progressed well.

Beautiful drawing of the Blue Jay done by Kyle. 

I wouldn't have imagine Missy to be able to draw this way and I believe she didn't even think she was able to draw this way either. I could sense and see her confidence and pleasure after each lesson. She gets extremely excited whenever it's the day for art class and I am glad she's this enthusiastic! When the learning is enjoyable, I wouldn't have to battle with her to go for classes or do her homework at all! *smile* 


Libby said...

Impressive work by little missy.

Willyn said...

I love drawing, but i don't have the talent, I wanted to learn it, can i enroll on this class? Is there any age limit they prefer??

Greetings! said...

Thanks Libby

Greetings! said...

This class that I have blogged about is for children age 5-6. They do however, have a Splash on Canvas class for adults. You could call them up and check on the details :)

MarionWAM said...

These drawings are really nice. I especially like the owl !

Jullie Teo said...

Thanks for introducing heart studio.. I just sign up my boy too... Was impressed with his artwork after his trial... :)