Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fun with Camera+

I have been using the iPhone4S for slightly over 4 months now and I must say, I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with what this phone could do! Since I've been shooting so much of my children with my digital cam since they were born, iPhone was a god-sent!

I find it a hassle having to tussle with downloading/uploading the jpegs and having to carry an extra gadget everywhere I go since I can go on a shutter trigger frenzy at times (you know, those picture perfect moments that just have be captured). 

I wouldn't say I am good at photography, but I enjoy the hobby especially after being a mom where each passing moment could be a memory that might be worth treasuring and can only be relived as we thumb through those photo albums.

Over the months I've hoarded a whole host of iPhone photo apps in my phone. Honestly, I haven't tried them all but have consistently been using a few most of the time but I will share in detail which photo apps I've been using all this time and have been very happy with over the next few posts.

To begin, here're the photo apps that can be found on my iPhone -

One iPhone photo app that I've used almost all the time is Camera+ it's really a very easy app to use and most photos I've captured are treated with some basic editing using just this app alone. 

I love all the effects that this app provides. There are 36 different effects that could be applied onto the photo that makes it very easy to just switch the moods and looks of your photo very quickly.
Here's the '70s effect that gave the retro feel to the photo.

While this Fashion effect gave the photo a slightly emo touch to the photo.

The other feature I use a lot is the crop tool. It's so simple when you need to crop away the unnecessary corner or background to just give the subject the focus. All these could be done with just one app without having to use any expensive editing softwares on the computer. It has saved me a lot of time from the downloading to the editing to the uploading (sharing of photos).

Because of my involvement in Munch Ministry, I shoot loads of food photos and will share them immediately onto the Munch Ministry's Facebook Like Page. This app allowed me to complete the entire process with just one gadget almost instantaneously! :) 

This was the same photo taken above that was applied with the "Night" scene effect to enhance the lighting of the photo to give the photo an outstanding brightness. (This photo was taken under low light condition and therefore the "Night" scene effect gave the lighting a boost)
Here's another example of how the "Scenes" feature could enhance and compensate for the low light condition of the environment to give the photo a better appeal.

This photo was done on Camera+ alone. The "Sunkiss" effect was used on this photo. I did some cropping to cut out the busy background (we were seated at a coffee shop with the market on the background). I then applied the photo frame to give this photo more interest.

The following few photos were all taken on Camera+ and treated with only the "Scenes" tool. I am really very happy with the results of the photos I've taken & edited on Camera+ it has saved me loads of time and it's so easy to use. 

Here's a Youtube video I've found that show in detail how this app could be used on the iPhone for your reference. 

There are a few other iPhone photo apps that I played around with very often. I shall attempt to share them more in detail soon. Here's a quick glimpse of them -

So stay tuned!


Lilian said...

Can see that you had so much fun with the photo Apps.

Mamabliss said...

haha yeah I love my iPhone and I love my camera apps even more! :)