Friday, August 31, 2012

Being Safe Not Sorry

My family has been a little under the weather recently, though it's nothing that serious, however it still bothered us somehow. The hubby has been down with cough for over a few weeks now and it's still plaguing him whilst I caught the bug recently too and have also been pestered by the irritating cough.

We very often attribute our falling ill to the weather. I used to not bother how I caught the bug but would often hear my friends commenting how the weather was the cause of us being ill. I then wonder how does the weather affect us in such a way that we fall sick especially during a change; is there some truth in it at all? I recall how the HFMD was seasonal and how it had hit us real hard two years ago when my daughter, caught the detestable bug not once but TWICE in a year! That was such an unforgettably painful time.

I read that because of our frequent weather change, the fluctuating temperature, and the high humidity levels of our climate makes it a lethal combination where bacteria thrives and multiply rapidly. It is no wonder we fall prey to the flu bug or any common communicable disease easily during certain times of the year.

Where HFMD is concern, while we have tried our utmost best in educating our kids about hygiene and maintaining general cleanliness of the environment, we still can't be there all the time to watch over them especially so when they are in school or when they are out and about. Missy has the habit of touching the things around her and putting her fingers in her mouth, which explains why she, instead of her brother, caught the dreadful HFMD twice in a span of a few months.

After the episodes of HFMD I've made it a point to ensure that the kids have their hands washed with soap thoroughly whenever they are back home, regardless of where they came back from. Hands are also to be washed before each meal and after each visit to the toilet. To refrain from putting fingers in the mouth at all times. To shower twice a day especially during warmer periods of the year as the kids tend to perspire more. 

We are also in the habit of using the sanitizers and wet wipes whenever we are out dining at the food centre. I just had to ensure that precaution has to be taken.

With that, I hope this practice will get into their system as it becomes a habit that in time to come they will not need my constant reminder.

Call me fastidious or simply over particular, the experience of HFMD was such a painful one (especially so to Missy) that I seriously do not want it to happen again *still crossing fingers tight on this* I'd rather be safe not sorry!

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