Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Step to the Beginning of a New Phase

It was a rainy and wonderfully cool evening the night before which we (hubs and I) found it hard to drag ourselves out of bed. We had set the alarm to go off at 6:15am (yeah we were KS), our spirit was willing but our flesh was weak.

Why the need to get out of bed this early? Well it's a BIG day for most Singaporean parents when they are due to register their kids for Primary one and into a school of their choice. The need to be KS more than ever, that will be this time in any parent's lives - the primary one registration! 

Naturally we got out of bed late (an hour late to be precise!) and had to quickly pack the kids off to the childcare centre and we hurried off to the primary school for the deed to be done.
I wouldn't describe my emotions at the time of registration as excited - in fact, far from it, I was feeling sleepy *smile* and there wasn't really much of an anticipation of the results required at all.

Hubs was an old boy of this school and he has signed himself up into the alumni of the school. We were in the Phase 2A1 in the primary one registration process (check out the phases of the primary one registration here). When we arrived there were just about less than 20 parents around. Places available during this phase was 168, I was absolutely confident that our son would secure himself a place in this school.
We were the 16th pair of parents in the queue - heh heh not too KS afterall. That made me wonder who was first in the queue :P The registration for primary one wasn't that difficult for us as we didn't have to spend much time planning and agonizing on our decision for Little Man. Even though we were quite confident in securing the place for our son, we did check the School Vacancies by Phases on the MOE website - it was liken to be the "stock market" of school vacancies *LOL* just to get into the roll of the excitement with the other parents.

We were in such a hurry to get the registration done that I didn't had the chance to take a closer look at the school. We took a very short/quick tour around the areas that were accessible to us in the school compound and I must say I was mesmerized! It was not difficult to see why.

The school was surrounded by luscious greenery, beautiful flowers and sculptures, a sanctuary of its own. A really conducive environment for the kids to learn and grow in. I must say, I was really impressed!
It is our wish that our son would learn and thrive in this school given the christian values and influence he will be exposed to. This is the beginning of his formal education - every journey begins with the first step and we hope we've made the right choice for him.

A walk down memory lane for the hubs as we viewed the photos of the development of the school.
The clock tower that was once much debated about whether to keep or to demolish. So many stories and encounters the hubs could share with Little Man in his growing up years in this school, which offered an opportunity for many father-son bonding time in the years to come. It might not be such a bad idea to send Little Man to this school afterall.

We will have more excitement in Year 2013 when it's Missy's turn to be registered into primary one. As we have yet to even decide which school to place her into. Till then, I am just looking forward to watching Little Man enter Primary One!

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