Friday, July 20, 2012

Quiet Worship

It's Friday and it's our small group meeting day once again. Amidst the busy week, I am reminded of my need to just stop and push everything aside to focus on my daily walk with the Lord. In all honesty, I haven't been quite well connected with Him of late (read: guilty as charge)!

I need to really disconnect (from the internet, from the world) and to connect because He is my solace, He is my confidante, my all in all! I know all my insecurities, my anger, my fears all stems from my lack of quiet worship of Him.

We had a great time of fellowship, sharing and worshipping of our Lord this evening during our fortnightly small group meeting and I am thankful He was in our midst and have heard my desires of connecting with Him once again!

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Rachel said...

Remember a while back when we discussed that we should start giving ourselves proper working hours? I think this is probably a time that the both of us need to start reflecting about the time spent working and see how we can focus on our key priorities, like time with God, our kids and hb. It will be tough to break away from the responsibilities of work - but I think we need t start making that little step. How about not working after 10pm - once a week of this coming week? I have started unplugging after 10pm since I moved in with my mom's and tried to be more productive in the day, and I think it is helping so far.

June said...

That's great! I'm so encouraged to hear that! Am sure it brings Him great joy to know the desires of your heart...may He bless you with a more intimate understanding of His love and plans for you as you dive deeper!

Greetings! said...

Yes indeed Rachel, really need to re-look at my priorities. Seriously, I heard God again this morning during service.

I was rather distracted by my kids as the pastor spoke but somehow when he shared an encounter he had with a parent complaining that his children did not listen to him much bec they were always on their mobile phones. When the parent himself was the one on his mobile all the while as he talked to the pastor. It was like hey that sounded like me...

I had better to just disconnect from all computers and electronic devices and devote more time on Him and my family.

Have to start from this week as you've suggested! :)

Greetings! said...

THanks June! I was inspired and encouraged by your recent blog post about connecting with Him as well :)

Willyn said...

very inspiring..remind me to touch him this weekend. Thanks....God is Good all the time!!!