Friday, July 27, 2012

Fixing the Tresses

It's been about four months since I last took care of my tresses. I am very lazy when it comes to maintaining and managing tresses hence I've always chose to keep it long as it's easiest to just tie it up or have it pinned up without much fuss. However, of recent years, there has been a serious problem of hair loss that made me want to have a change.

I do feel dreary keeping my hair long as well. Maybe it's got to do with age or perhaps I'm just simply sick of holding up the heavy tresses from day-to-day. The catalyst came when I saw my good friend, Rachel, and her new hairdo that I decided to just do it once and for all. 

Sat in the salon for 4hrs+ had rebonding done and an inverted bob cut. 

I do feel refreshed and rather happy with this new hairdo. At least, I don't feel 'momsy' and 'housewifey' anymore. Spotting a new hairdo indeed makes one feel more confident and happy, well at least it works for me that way!

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Regina Moo said...

Very nice!!

I would say a very refreshing change - and I'm sure your mood is instantly uplifted, too!

DinoMama said...

YAY! New Look is pretty!

Aye.. the hair lost... some days I don't feel like combing my hair :S

MeRy said...

Looks good.