Saturday, May 05, 2012

Fun, Fancy, Fabulous Bags

I know these bags aren't new in the market but they are simply too adorable for me to ignore them. My kiddos were extremely excited when the bags (from JED Packs) were handed out to them. 

I am sure these bags would brighten up any child's day! :) The bags are not only fancy and fun, it's rather sturdy with loads of room to store the kid's own stuff!
When Little Man saw the bag for the first time, he jumped with joy immediately and told me he'd use it for Sunday School and AWANA program in church :)

He proudly obliged to my request to take a photo of him using the bag. In his Owl bag, he has his Bible, stationaries, and some other knick knacks.

Isn't this Ladybug bag cute? It is such a dainty little picnic bag that is great for little girls.

Missy can't wait to use it and was happy to have an occasion where the picnic bag could be put to good and appropriate use :)
She was going on a school excursion with her teachers on this day and this ladybug picnic bag was handy enough for her to store all the items that she needed for the outing! 

If you'd like to check out the variety of these cute and fun bags, do remember to hop over to JED Packs! I heard they are launching many new designs.

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