Saturday, March 24, 2012

Treasured Birthday Memories

And so it's my birthday today... truth to be told, it's just another day of the year... haven't quite celebrated my birthday since I turned ermm... gosh I cannot even remember, hah!

Honestly, since I've turned 35 I don't really bother to remember much of how old I was after that... many-a-time I'd be asked of my age and I'd have to work out the math of the year that I was born to the time I've been asked of my age... (not exaggerating)!

In spite of the not so exciting birthdays the past years, I was grateful... just simply grateful that I have been healthy and happy to be with the people that matter to me. Regardless of how mundane life might be I know I've been blessed in so many ways!
This year however, was quite an exception! In which, my birthday was celebrated with a wonderful bunch of ladies whom I've befriended through the network that I am involved in. Through my course of work at Munch Ministry, I was privileged to have made SOOOOO MANY wonderful new friends who was thoughtful enough to shower me with so much love! 

I wouldn't have imagined that my birthday would be of any difference from yesteryears but God has His ways of throwing me surprises - extremely pleasant one that is!

It's a day that I would look back with many fond memories and the encounter I had with all the amazing ladies who incidentally are FANTASTIC home chefs!!! This cake (Lychee Mousse cake) that you see here was home baked by one of the ladies and it simply tasted superb!

The awesome host (lady in the middle) who graciously opened her place for our gathering and my birthday celebration! And my business partner in Munch Ministry, Louisa joined in the fun too!

Beyond all the celebration, I am warmly touched by my ever loving charmer, Little Man. He told me this was going to be a surprise that he would prepare for me. In his card he wrote, "Mommy I love you. Mommy you love me so much that I love you!" awwwww.... 

And what about the hubs? He bought me an iPhone 4S readily when I asked for it :) 

I need only one word to describe my life now - BLESSED completely! I could not and would not ask for more. I am blessed beyond words! And all these attribute to the love my heavenly Father has for me!


missustay said...

happy birthday!

i realised i don't quite place any emphasis on my own birthday after the arrival of my son. soon i will forget how old i am..or maybe it's a subconscious effort to want to do that. heh.

MeRy said...

Happy belated birthday...:)