Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Huff & Puff Experience

It's the school holidays, even though technically it doesn't apply to my kids as they are both in childcare centre. Well, it's been a loooong while (about 3-4 months I think) since we last watched a play and since this March's school break has so much in store, I thought it'd be a great opportunity to just cut them some slack and not go to school for just a couple of days.

It was a blessing that a friend couldn't make it to the Three Little Pigs' musical play and gave up her tix to me (paid though). The kids had a blast and they couldn't have enough of it!
I'd give this musical a 2-thumbs up! Great arrangement of music that are so "hummable". Packed with humour and emphasis has also been made on family/siblings love for each other as well as success can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. There are some interactive elements being worked into the play that kept the kids really focused and entertained.

While it's a short 45mins gig, I'd think the duration is just perfect for the young audiences. 

So if you haven't watched it yet or still considering if it'll captivate your little ones, think no more! :) You can get your tix at the Sistic outlets or online here
Little Man all excited about the musical play
We were seated at the Circle seats and it's not that ideal for young audiences as there's a glass panel blocking our view. So choose your seats wisely! :) 

Missy being posy here
The child booster seat didn't help much so Missy stood up to watch the musical throughout the 45-min show.

We are planning to go for this next theatre works based on Dr Seuss "The Cat in the Hat". I heard, there will be a discount given to those who have watched the "Three Little Pigs" musical by presenting the ticket stubs upon the purchase of "The Cat in the Hat" play.

Care to join us? :)


Rose said...

Oooh! Interesting. Am sure the kids enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Thks mamabliss for your recommendation. I have juz booked tickets for my kids after reading your post! Hope they will have a great time at the show!

Cheers.... Melody

Anonymous said...

Hi mama bliss,

If u r keen to purchase the tickets for The Cat in The Hat, better buy it early for weekdays shows. I think the tickets are being grabbed up pretty fast!

Cheers... Melody