Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Growing Up Together

I've been procrastinating too long to have this post done. You might not know this, but I've all these photos stored on my desktop for over 4 months now (YIKES!). My kids have grown so much over the past 5 years and I really need to document all these before these precious treasured moments are being stored away at the back of my memory (one that's failing).

Thanks to technology, it's made capturing those great yet sometimes hard to recall moments much easier and convenient. I haven't counted how many shots I've taken of my kids since they were born but I love all those wonderful pictures that I've snapped over the years especially when I am in the mood to reminisce, such as now!
Year 2008 - Little Missy before her first hair cut

Year 2009 - A walk in the Botanic Garden

Year 2009 - Messy Art Time by the corridor

Classic case of monkey-see-money-do

Year 2009 - Their very first sibling love photo

Year 2010 - Sparklers Time

Year 2010 - Reading together

Year 2010 - Enjoying fast food together

Year 2011 - New Year Greetings
Year 2011 - Fun Time at Turf City

Year 2011 - Sharing a dessert

Year 2011 - Pop Corn Time!

Year 2012 - Simply enjoying each other's company
I'd be lying if I said this journey of motherhood has been easy. However, it's definitely the most rewarding career I have had thus far! Watching and growing together with them has been a fruitful experience! Here's to many more years of learning and growing with my kiddos!


Rose said...

Beautiful siblings! They have grown up so much.

Anonymous said...

Ur girl resembles ur hubby while ur son is an image of u?

Cheers... Melody