Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Quiet Sunday

I haven't been a good parent, in fact, far from it, as I busy myself with so many activities everyday, I have failed to really just being with my children... completely focused on them and give them my full attention.

Very often, I'll find myself distracted by a book, being on the internet, checking mail through my smart phone while being physically with them, I've not truly been with them, you know what I mean?!

I've decided that I want to be with them, physically, emotionally and mentally... being with them for I realized they are growing too quickly and time just flashed past so swiftly... it wouldn't be long before I will not be able to enjoy such moments (as much) with them once they start formal schooling. 

I truly want to treasure these moments I have with them hence I put away everything (all distractions), just to be with them! This was a record of our day on Sunday (27th Nov 2011).

Our day started with the kids requesting to do some activity we haven't done in months!!! (read: lazy mama doesn't want to do all the cleaning up so no painting activities was allowed)

I realized my children don't really have to be at a mall or some expensive gym or any form of paid children's activities to be happy. 

An hour of bicycle ride and fun at the playground is good enough to satisfy them :) 

Since our TV broke down some 2-3 months ago, the kids have been "trained" to live without watching TV. They have been given time on the computer only on the weekends to play educational games and watch some videos. This was their computer time after lunch today :)

On pockets of free time, we read books together (me reading aloud) and occasionally, if Little Man was in the mood he'll read aloud to me and his sister :) It's so nice to be read to (I can take the back seat and relax).

Snack today was home made pop corn made on the Happy Call Pan :)

It was home learning time after dinner and am heartened the kids were enthusiastic about home learning most of the time when I whip out the workbooks and other learning materials.

It was more play time just before bed time and look at that happy face? I am content that the time spent with them today has been fruitful and the bonding has drawn our relationship closer.

We don't need to have too much material or monetary gain to be happy and I am thankful that I've been so richly blessed!


pc said...

HappyCall makes pop corn??!!!

Is a wonderful Sunday with so many simple activities=). How can you said you are a lazy mum!!!

Homeschool @ sg said...

Yes I know what you mean by th distractions! guilty!! Love this post! Somehow it tugs my heart just to see the kids reading, snacking, doing work instead of on the tv, iPad etc, you know? :)

Mama Bliss said...

PC, yeah, Happy Call Pan is a magic pan teehehe... it can make practically anything :P have you seen my pandan chiffon cake baked on the HCP too :D

Yes, I think we'd be much happier if we have less bec then we tend to treasure more of what we already have. To make simple things special every moment, such simple pleasures with family is worth more than anything else in the world.

Mama Bliss said...

Yes Choc-O-Late, I agree that gadgets tend to take away the time we should spend with our loved ones. We shouldn't train our kids to indulge on those just to keep them quiet.

nana said...

Hi there,
I just came across your blog. I did know that there is such a thing call happy pan. It seems really good. Mind to share how much did u purchase it and how did u clean it especially after cooking oily food like fry fish all that?

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Nana, sorry for this late response. I bought my pan from Gmarket - BestGMall, sometime in Sep this year and that time there was a promotion going on and I paid $63 for a deeper pan (75mm depth).

Here's a video I did on how to prep a new pan and how to clean the pan.