Thursday, November 03, 2011

For The Hungry Children

The title of this post seemed like an irony to the fact that I've been sharing so much about food lately. I've totally taken it for granted that there will always be food for our next meal or next snack, so we're covered! However, I was reminded through the news of world disasters, wars, pestilences have caused a severe lack of food in the world. Thereby, many are going hungry even as I type this post.

We know the world population have recently hit 7 billion people and my friend Rachel and I were just chatting about it yesterday. But I was thinking with all these disasters and shortage of food will this world even be able to sustain the needs of everyone? Someone in my FB contact list shared this video this morning on her wall and it really sets the stage for us to really want to get something done (in our small little way) to help these poor hungry children. In the video, it was stated that in every 2.3seconds 1 child will die of hunger, our hearts went all out to these poor deprived kids.

Rachel and I have decided upon this organization,  Children's Hunger Fund, which we wish to raise funds for.

This year, 6 million children will die from hunger related causes if we don't do anything about it. So, lets work with this organization to do something.

Just think about it, 6 million children, that's more than the whole population of Singapore! According to Children's Hunger Fund, US 5 cents is enough to provide a hungry child a meal.
So I am appealing to all friends for your participation in this little fund raising activity. All you need to do, is this:
1. Crop and paste any of this above information or pictures on your blog site, together with this logo (just right click and save image as in your hard drive)
2. Appeal for friends and readers on your site to go directly to this page to make direct contributions. All it takes is US $5.00 for 100 meals for the children. Of course, it will be great if you can contribute more. You can also go to this page to make a direct contribution to areas that is most needed; like disaster relief.
3. Organise your own fund raising activity. Rachel and I will be making handmades the next couple of weeks and all sales proceeds will go into Children's Hunger Fund.
There are plenty of  ideas that you can adopt to raise the funds;
  • Bake sale
  • Make and Sell a product
  • Give up a birthday gift
  • Lose weight by missing a meal and contributing what you might have spent on the meal to the Children's Hunger Fund
4. If you have a preschooler or a child who has learnt to save some money, talk to him/her to see if he can give a little of his money to help to feed hungry children.
So many of us take it for granted that we always have a hot meal ready on our dining table for ourselves and our children and always have something to snack on whenever we are hungry. But the reality is not the same for many children around the world.
So for the Hungry Children's sake all it takes to help is that little bit of money and some time and effort to be able to make a difference to the poor and needy children in our world. Help us and Children's Hunger Fund to show a child in some remote corner of our world that he / she is loved.
Do drop me a note if you are interested to participate and will be putting this fund raiser activity up on your blog or FB page. My deepest appreciation and thanks in advance for your kind and giving contribution to Children's Hunger Fund!


pc said...

it reached out far... great effort you are doing there! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Posted. thanks for sharing.
Lets hope for little different everyday.