Saturday, October 22, 2011

Under the Weather

I have taken ill twice in two months (record breaking). I hardly fall ill (thank God) but when I do, it comes down badly on me. Last month I was down with a very bad cold and it took me nearly 2-3 weeks to recover. 

Last weekend, I was once again hit by the cold bug and have been down till today. Runny/blocked nose, phlegmy throat and all the works... it's taking a longer time to recover because of my reluctance to rest early every night. It has seriously taken a toll on my body and I really have to listen to my body and take more time to rest.
The inevitable happened. Last month, my children were spared from being "poisoned" by the cold bug, was so thankful they have been healthy all this time. However, they are not so lucky this time round partly because of the freakish weather (supremely hot one day and rain non-stop the next). Plus we are always in such close proximity somehow the "germ" found its way into their bodies. 

Ironically, we've been learning about germs at home the past few weeks and now they know how the germ really works!

It is hard being a mom especially when the little ones are sick. Because they are so young it's always so heart breaking to watch them suffer from the ill effects of bacteria or virus in their bodies and not being able to help much except to comfort them. It is my hope that Little Man and Little Missy would recover quickly and have a clean bill of health!

Note to self, better lead a healthier lifestyle so that the little ones will not be affected!

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Anonymous said...

Take gd care mamabliss! Maybe u can try taking multi vitamins n a Redoxon vit c daily? Tats wat I take but it's not natural though.

Cheers.... Melody