Sunday, October 02, 2011

Our Daily Moments

It's been quite a while since I updated anything about my children and our daily moments. Too much has happened and due to my procrastination I now have a long list of daily happenings to record. This is purely for the records. You are definitely welcome to have a glimpse of what has been happening around us at home (beyond my craze in cooking and baking), though it might appear rather random.

We've been having problems getting Little Man to be more self-motivated and be on the beat when it comes to brushing his teeth, taking his shower daily. It is STILL a struggle until recently I discovered what made him tick! *smirk*
Because of the usage of the Happy Call Pan, I bought myself a new kitchen timer and this doubles up as a tool for me to get Little Man to brush his teeth, take his shower and get dressed (quickly). Before using the timer, he'd usually take more than 20 mins to get in and out of the shower (read: being distracted and playing with water). It all started when I was really up to my eyeballs trying to get him in and out of the shower that I set the timer and gave him 3 mins to have everything done (ie. undress, shower, brush his teeth and get dressed)! *smirk* Hubs said I behaved like a sergeant in the army (I am an "evil" mama, I know). Because of Hubs comment, I decided to give Little Man an extra minute this evening to shower and get dressed.

So what was the result of the timer? It WORKED perfectly! I watched him undress, shower, brush his teeth and got dressed all within the time given! Timer? Best invention for moms with kids who are like Little Man *LOL*

The kids were given these little envelopes by their teachers as there was a donation drive by the Children's Society. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn about caring for the less fortunate and to offer what they have been blessed with to those who have lesser in life.

Little Man and Little Missy each has a coin box ("Piggy bank") where I asked them to decide how much they would like to offer as donation. I am hearten that they are willing (enthusiastically too) to part with their savings to offer to the children who need it more. 

I believe children could be taught about compassion through such opportunities where they could offer something that's within their capacity to the needy. In time to come, I hope to bring them to volunteer their services/time either through short-term mission trips or even a visit to the old folks home or orphanage.

We realized that the kids have been watching over 2 hours of TV daily at home and decided that it's time to change that habit before they enter formal school. Besides, as researchers have said it, placing the kids in front of the goggle box too much is detrimental to their intellectual growth and overall well being.

Besides, our telly has been a little cranky of late. We've been experiencing intermittent fault in having the TV switched on. So just as well (seems like all stars aligned), we are on our project "When the TV's unplugged" and I've worked out a list of activities to keep the kids occupied.
We pulled out the bottle of soap solution and have a soapy good time one weekend morning. Experience has taught me that kids don't mind activities such as these if we revisit them after a long hiatus. In fact, they were having such a good time that they spent more than an hour on it!

Now that the kids are more grown up it makes watching over them so much easier. I could just kick back and sit down to watch at ease.

Little Missy the fairy having a jolly good time - bubbling!

It's now coming to a month since we first started the "When the TV's unplugged" project and I've witnessed the kids playing on their own or working on activities by themselves when the TV is not switched on (even when I was busy in the kitchen). They seldom asked for the TV to be switched on now *happy* we are creatures of habit and I believe this habit of relying lesser on the TV is a good one to adopt! 


CE said...

Yes I salute your TV's unplugged project and making it work :)
We're now on the ipad-unplugged project and hopefully we will succeed too. They played only a few times per week but it's the first thing on their mind when they opened their eyes every morning :(

Libby said...

You have put the kitchen timer to good use!