Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HappyCall Yummies - Yummy Chicken

There are really so many ways to cook the chicken meat. Two of my favourite were prepared on the HappyCall pan this past week and it's the most delicious I've tasted thus far. Was it due to the HappyCall Pan? *smile* I wonder too.

The following chicken dish do seem somewhat suitable for mothers who are in the confinement period *smile* these weren't from the confinement food cook book that I drew inspiration from though.

Herbal Chicken was inspired by a demo video that I've watched here. I adapted the recipe and added a wider variety of chinese herbs as compared to what was shared in the video. 

Seriously, preparing this dish in the HappyCall Pan saves me loads of time and it certainly is really very easy. 

Ingredients: Chicken Thigh Meat, Chinese Herbs (当归, 党参, 枸杞子, 红枣), 1tbsp 绍兴酒 (shao xing wine), 150ml warm water, 2 spoonful of Knorr chicken powder, 1tsp soya sauce.

1) Heat up the pan on medium low heat
2) Place the herbs and chicken and the seasoning of Knorr chicken powder + soya sauce
3) Add the water and chinese wine
4) Close the lid and cook on medium low heat for 15-20mins (until chicken is cooked thoroughly). You may open the lid to give the ingredients a light stir in between the cooking time.

*Note: Do keep the heat around medium low to medium and not any higher heat otherwise the gravy might dry up too quickly before the chicken is cooked thoroughly.

This chicken dish is said to look like confinement food *smile* I remember eating something similar but was loaded with lots of sesame oil and my mom called it the Sesame oil chicken (麻油鸡).

This version of chicken stew, however, has chinese cooking wine added. It was supposed to be a claypot dish but with the Happy Call Pan I was spared from the splatter of sesame oil! :)  
If I could really share the aroma of this dish virtually, I'd definitely do so. It was supremely aromatic as it was stewing in the Happy Call Pan!!!

Here's how to prepare this dish.

Ingredients: Chicken thigh meat, Black fungus (soaked and cut), ginger (thinly sliced)

Marinate: 1tsp dark soya sauce, 2 tbsp light soya sauce, a dash of pepper

Seasoning(to be mixed into a bowl) : 2tbsp 绍兴酒 (shao xing wine), 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 tbsp oyster sauce 

Additional item: 150ml warm water

1) Marinate the chicken for 30mins
2) Heat up the Happy Call pan for a min, add 1tbsp sesame oil
3) Add ginger and stir fry for a few seconds before adding the black fungus and chicken meat into the pan. Close the lid on medium low heat and cook for 4 mins (flip the pan in between the cooking time)
4) Open the lid and add in the seasoning and warm water give the ingredients a light stir to blend the seasoning well
5) Stew on low heat for 25mins (open the lid 2-3x to check that the water didn't dry up too quickly; I didn't flip the pan just did some light stirring in between)

This chicken dish was so good that it was completely gone (every drop of it) by the end of dinner :) Try it, it's just so simple with the HappyCall Pan!


A gift from God said...

This pan of yours looks really good! I wonder whether they sell it here in Malaysia. :)

Anonymous said...

Gd morning dearie,

Oops... Sori, I am stuck with another notty problem again!

The HC pan that I have bought and used in less than 2 weeks is not serving me well. The coating on the pan came out, on the top where the "U" shaped vent is; revealing another layer of red coating.

Not sure if it is safe to continue using it. Have juz sent an email thru Gmarket to the Star Shop seller, not sure if they will reply me for a refund or exchange. Haiz... So disappointed!


Rose said...

Love it! Now cooking is really simple and hassle-free with Happycallpan!

mummykoo said...


happen to chance on your site while checking for reviews on happycall pan.

now i am so tempted to get one after reading your posts.

can i ask for the amt that you are cooking for a family of 4, did you get the 55mm or 75mm deep pan? is it heavy (with food in it) when flipping?

thanks for sharing all your yummies...


Mama Bliss said...

Hi 'A Gift from God', I heard that there's a similar pan that is sold in Malaysia. Not sure if you are able to view this photo that's shared in the HappyCall group in Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150346808345349&set=o.135747519856827&type=3&theater See if you are able to view otherwise, request to join the group and you'll be able to view it :)

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Melody, sorry for this late response dear. I had the similar problem which it didn't really bother me. I continued to use the pan :) Have you already gotten a respond from the seller?

Mama Bliss said...

Yes Rose! HappyCall Pan is a great invention! :)

Mama Bliss said...

Hi MummyKoo,

I bought a deeper pan that's 75mm deep :) I cook for a family of 4 too ;)

If you are cooking fried rice or fried noodles, the pan will tend to get heavy but using 2 hands to flip the pan should be fine. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie!

It's okay! Thks for ur reply. I have sent an email to the seller n they request me to forward a photo for their reference. However after receiving the photo on thur, they didn't reply till now n I am guessing they wun bother about it anymore!

Oh! Did ur coating came out on the same area? Hmm.. I am now thinking if I shld get another HC pan but frm Lejel as they shld have the authentic one; since the seller from Star Shop dun seem to be aftersales friendly.

Cheers... Melody

Anonymous said...


How do you pan fry fish? Do we have to lightly coat it with flour first before frying and how long to cook per side?


anglili2000 said...

just bought HCP, will try your wonderful recipes that you have shared here. Thank you