Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Call Yummies - Quick and Easy

Lunch time HappyCall meals are usually simple and I'd normally purchase processed food (which I know isn't too healthy to begin with). I don't really bother much about what I eat during lunch because it's normally just for one person (yours truly) and cooking a meal seems to be a chore. 
So for easy to whip up meals for just one or two people during lunch I'll go for something really fuss-free and quick. Prata Sausage wrap is one of my favourite snack that makes quite a good lunch-for-one meal. Just pop the prata (frozen) into the Happy Call Pan together with the sausage and fry under low heat for 6-8mins on each side of the prata and sausage.

Wrap it up with some salad (easiest choice is ice berg lettuce), squeeze some mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce, voila!!! It's done! Quick & Easy!

I was inspired by my friend Rachel, recently after she posted a home made mushroom beef patty burger. I recalled that I have this pack of Garlic Bread in the freezer for over a month and decided to prepare some Mushroom Bruschetta for lunch.

Ingredients: Mixed mushrooms (Portobello, brown & white button mushrooms thinly sliced), onions thinly sliced, chopped parsley (optional), 2 tbsp red cooking wine, 2 tbsp worcestershire sauce, 1 knob butter, 1 tbsp olive oil.

1) Melt butter in olive oil and add the sliced onion (fry till tender)
2) Add mushrooms and red wine, worcestershire sauce 
3) Close the lid of the Happy Call Pan and let it stew under low heat for approximately 8-10mins till the gravy is almost dry; meantime, pop the garlic bread into the oven on 180C for 14mins wrapped in aluminium foil (or as per the instructions on the package)
4) Once the mushrooms and the garlic bread is done top the bread with the mushroom and sprinkle some chopped parsley.
5) You may add some freshly grounded black pepper

Now lunch time meals can be so quick and easy to prepare and definitely fuss-free! ;)

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