Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Call Yummies - Beefy Feast

When it comes to red meat, my first choice will always be beef! Love the distinct taste of beef and it goes so well with stews and brown mushroom sauce for that wonderful steak!!!

One beef dish I especially love and simply must have is Braised Beef Brisket. Naturally, Braised Beef Brisket noodles is what I'd usually order when I go to a chinese tim sum restaurant. I made this dish over the weekend and I simply love the aroma filled the entire house!
These were the spices that are needed for this dish.

All the meat, radish and spices fit well into the deeper pan.

To add interest to the presentation of the dish, I dish the meat on top of a bed of broccoli.

Here's how you can make this dish:
Spices - 3" long cinnamon stick, 3 Star Anise, 4 cloves, 2-3 Bay leaves, 5-6 cloves of garlic, 1tbsp black pepper corn, 6 slices of ginger and 3 stalks of spring onions.

Meat - 500gms beef (I bought the ready packed stew beef meat from the super mart), 1 radish sliced into thick slices. Broccoli (or other green vegetables - optional).

Seasoning - 1tbsp dark soya sauce, 4-5tbsp light soya sauce, 1tbsp oyster sauce, 2tbsp sugar

Others - 4tbsp chinese cooking wine, water

Method -
1) Brown the beef in the pan (without oil); dish it out and set aside
2) Add some oil and fry all the spices for a min or two, once it's fragrant add in the beef
3) Pour in the seasoning and the rest of the ingredients
4) Bring the mixture into a boil and then close the lid and stew for 2.5hrs or until beef is tender. Be sure to check from time to time and give it a light stir.
5) If you feel the gravy is not thick enough you may add a little corn starch solution to thicken the liquid.
6) You may serve it with white rice or noodles.

Whenever I order food from the local food stall (煮炒), this is one of my favourite dish, Stir-Fry Beef in ginger and spring onion. Love that it's so simple to make it on the Happy Call Double Pan :)

Great as part of the family dinners. Here's how to make it:
Beef (I bought steak beef and cut it into cubes), Large onions, sliced thinly, 3-4 slices of Ginger, 3 stalks of spring onions.

Seasoning - 1 spoonful of Knorr chicken powder, 2tsp soya sauce, 1 tsp of sugar

Others - Corn Flour, 2tbsp rice wine

1) Marinate the beef with Corn Flour and pepper for 30mins and above
2) Add some oil into the pan and fry the spices (onions, ginger and spring onions)
3) Once the spices is fragrant add the beef, seasoning and rice wine .
4) Close the lid for 3-4 mins (flip the pan in between the time)
5) Open the lid and see if the beef is done to your preference. Mine was medium (I didn't want it to be well done), so I ceased fire at the point when the beef has about medium done.

Beef Stew, my family's all-time favourite and it's so simple to cook!

Beef (500gms, stew beef meat from the super mart), Carrots, potatoes (all cut into wedges),
1 large onion sliced. 1 can tomato sauce (or pasta sauce), 1 beef cube mixed into 1 litre of warm water.

Corn flour, paprika, salt & pepper

Salt & Pepper

1/2 cup red cooking wine (or any fruity red wine such as merlot)

1) Marinate the beef for 1hour
2) Brown the meat in the pan; dish it out and set it aside
3) Add some oil and fry the vegetables together with the onions
4) Once the vegetables and onions are fragrant add the beef into the pan followed by the seasoning and tomato sauce as well as water and red wine (note: the liquid level must cover the beef).
5) Bring it to a boil and close the lid and stew for 1hr+ or until beef is tender.

Have fun and enjoy your Happy Call Yummies!!!


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Hello Mamabliss.
I suspect my HC pan is a fake.
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Hope this brings awareness to your readers if you'd like to share it.


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