Monday, October 03, 2011

Busy in the Kitchen

As the old metaphor goes "there are many ways to skin a cat", so are there many ways to fry the same vegetable! :) Have you ever had occasions that you felt sick and tired of stir-fry vegetables with minced garlic alone? I've been there many times before. It's a great discovery that we could add different toppings to a what seemed like an ordinary stir-fry vegetable with minced garlic! 
As I've been surfing the internet for new and interesting recipes, something caught my eye in one of the myriad of food photos. Someone used sliced almonds on the vegetables and it gave me an idea to add sesame seeds as well. 

This plate of stir-fry French beans has an added interest in taste that evening when I prepared it. I shall explore different toppings for our vegetable dishes from now on! :)

Ingredients: French beans, minced garlic, 1tbsp sliced toasted almond, 1tsp toasted sesame seed. 
Method: heat up 1/2 tbsp oil, stir fry the minced garlic till fragrant, add the french beams and seasoning (I used 1tbsp of Knorr chicken powder). Close the lid and cook for 4 mins (flip the pan in between the time). Serve with topping of sliced almond and sesame seed.

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Carrot cake, my hubs' favourite and he's requested for me to make this for such a loooooong time. Me, the procrastinator have been sitting on the request for a few months was suddenly inspired to work on this after a few friends in my FB contact list started preparing this from scratch.

I procrastinated because I always have the impression that this would take too many steps for me to feel enthusiastic about making it :P I was however, proven to be wrong! I adapted the recipe from the "Steamed Cake & Kuih Kuih" cookbook and it was a pleasant surprise that the ingredients needed was fewer than I've imagined and rather simple to prepare as well. 

Very pleased with the results and since I have some remaining carrots and radish in the stash I just might make a second batch. Moreover, I felt there's a need for me to improve the texture of the carrot cake further. 

Here's what you need, to prepare this Carrot Cake ;)
200gms carrot (peeled & shredded)
200gms radish (peeled & shredded)
2 chinese sausages, 腊肠 (diced)
150gms dried shrimps (chopped)
1tbsp chopped shallots (I used onions)

300gms rice flour, 1tbsp corn flour, 1tsp salt, 1tsp sugar, 850ml water

1tsp pepper, 1tsp Knorr chicken powder

1) Mix batter ingredients until well combined, strain well and set it aside.
2) Prepare filling, heat up 1tbsp oil in the hot wok, fry the chopped onions, dried shrimps, chinese sausages till fragrant.
3) Add in shredded carrot, radish and seasoning into filling, toss well.
4) Gradually add in batter mixture (on medium low heat), cook until the mixture thickens. Remove, and pour into a greased 9" round steaming tin immediately.
5) Steam in preheated steamer at high heat for 30-40mins until cooked through.

If you like the surface of the carrot cake to be crispy, you may cut into smaller pieces and pan fry it for a couple of mins in very minimal amount of oil. Serve with sweet dark sauce if you prefer :)

Have fun in the kitchen!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi mama bliss,

Thk u so much for the link to get the happy call pan. Have got mine and started to cook din for my family. They love the food. Am going to experiment with chicken wings and fish next week.

Can I check with you what marinate would be good to use for cooking chicken wings on the pan e.g potato starch flour, sesame oil, pepper, dark soya sauce? As for fish, do I have to coat salt or any other ingredients before frying it on the pan?

By the way, my family loves the Healthy Rice u hve recommended too; u r such a gem! I am thinking of changing my rice cooker so that the rice wun stick onto the bottom, wastage of rice. Can u advise if there's any model that I can look out for?

Thk u, Shifu!

Cheers... Melody

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Melody,

Wow! Shifu? that's such a tall hat for me :) I am more than happy to share with you my experience in cooking that's not a problem at all :)

About your question. Well, for grilled chicken wings I usually use this marinate - Light soya sauce, Oyster sauce, sesame oil, pepper and sugar (amount of the individual seasoning/sauces in moderation as per your preference. It usually turns out very yummy.

For fish, so far I only fried fish in the HC Pan once and I rubbed salt and pepper on the fish to fry. I have read in the Facebook HappyCall Pan group that some of the ladies used various types of marinate to fry their fish. If you have a Facebook account please do join us at the HappyCall group where many of us share our experiences and recipes in the group. Here's the link to join

Great that you and your family enjoyed the Healthy Rice :) it's a great way to eat healthily. Oh yes we are using a rice cooker that has a non-stick base. We are using a Philips rice cooker. You should be able to find such rice cookers at places such as Best Denki, Courts or even Harvey Norman. The model I am using is rather old already so I'd recommend that you go shop around in these electrical shops first, note down their model and call up Ban Kim Chuan (Tel: 64435298) to check their prices (they usually sell at about 15-20% cheaper than electrical shops). Or if you are near Holland Village, you might also want to visit Paris Silk their prices are also usually cheaper than most Electrical shops.

Hope that helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi mamabliss,

Not at all!! Your tips have helped me a lot while I trial n error with my cooking.

Thank you again. Intend to do some chicken wings next wk for my hubby and kids with HC pan coz they have it.

Yup, we can now eat healthy rice all thks to ur generous sharing. Okay! I will try to look out for those shops u have mentioned for the rice cooker.

Have a great day sweetie!

Cheers... Melody

Anonymous said...

Hi mamabliss,

Have juz read on the Internet that this Happy call pan uses grilling method to cook food. Any concerns about this? As I understand that eating grill food often will cause cancer, will there be any problems if I use it to cook dishes daily for my family?

Appreciate ur experienced advise on this.

Thank you!

Cheers... Melody

Mama Bliss said...

Hey Melody,

I think grilling is just one of the method of cooking using the HC pan. Bec of the pressure cooking design of this pan it can be used to cook in various ways. In the HC Facebook group I've seen people cooking curry, beef stew, bake etc. It's a very versatile pan. Besides, many of the food that we cook we don't need any oil or use very little oil, I can only say this pan produces healthier food.

As for vegetables it usually turns out steamed rather than fried bec you can just cook without any oil, add about 2 tbsp of water and you get naturally sweet and juicy vegetables.

I use the pan daily and I don't see it being harmful at all and it's certainly not grilled food that we eat daily.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Yo Mamabliss,

Thanks for ur kind advise to this inexperienced new cook! HC pan is certainly helpful especially in the points that u have mentioned i.e less oil, save gas and faster cooking time.

I would feel much at ease to use this convenient pan after ur explanation. *muack* for being so helpful.

Cheers... Melody