Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Simply Homecooked - Serving the Yummies

I've discovered the joy of cooking at home; the joy of serving yummies to my loved ones. I can't remember since when I have found my mojo in cooking again :) I've been lazy throughout this year and have been doing takeaways for dinner on most days of the week till I felt totally sick of even the smell of the food that I bring back every evening. 

The pleasure of preparing dinner has motivated me to want to try new recipes everyday!!! And I was glad to have discovered many great websites that offer loads of visual feasting that led me to want to experiment in my kitchen :) Here are two of my FAVOURITE food websites now - Foodgawkers,  the other one is TasteSpotting. Check them out, you'll NEVER run out of ideas about what to cook!!!

 Today, I was in the mood to cook and bake and I guess when everything is done with passion and motivation, things usually turn out quite alright :) I love how the Panko Herb Encrusted Chicken Pasta turned out to be and certainly even happier that the Savoury Herbal Knots tasted fantastic!

Here's the recipe for the Panko Herb Encrusted Chicken Pasta. I've modified it from here and here.

Ingredients for the Chicken:
2 boneless chicken thighs (with skin removed) ~ you may use chicken breast as a substitute
1 small pack of Panko (Japanese bread crumbs)
1 egg whisked
Self raising flour (moderate the amount accordingly)
A sprinkle or two of dried herbs (you may use dried basil or dried oregano)
Salt to taste

Method of preparation (Panko Herb Chicken):
1) Wash and pat dry the chicken thigh meat
2) Mix the salt into the self raising flour
3) Mix the herb into the panko
4) Dip the chicken thigh meat into the beaten egg on both sides of the meat
5) Dip the meat into the self raising flour mixture (both sides)
6) Dip the meat into the beaten egg again (both sides)
7) Dip the meat into the panko mixture (both sides)
8) Set it aside for at least 2 hours (this step will prevent the panko mixture from falling off the meat during the frying process)
9) Heat up a saucepan with oil and prepare to fry the chicken meat for approximately 5 mins on each side of the meat (if you have a thick slice of meat be sure to lower the heat and fry the meat longer).
10) Dish the meat out once it's turned golden brown
11) Slice the panko herb chicken and set it aside.

Ingredients for the Pasta:
1/2 pack Bowtie Pasta (Farfalle)  ~ I got mine from the FairPrice at S$1.95 (I think it was a promotion)
2-3 small capsicums (or other vegetables that you prefer such as asparagus or broccoli)
3 cloves of minced garlic
1 box of brown button mushroom (sliced)
1 cup Bula Cream
20ml White Wine (optional)
Salt to taste

Method of preparation (Pasta):
1) Boil Bowtie Pasta (approximately 10-12mins) and set it aside when it's cooked
2) Heat up a pan with 1tbsp of olive oil and fry the garlic for 1-2mins
3) Pour in the vegetables and mushroom and stir fry for 5mins and add salt
4) Add in the cup of cream and white wine; stir the mixture for another 2mins
5) Pour the mixture over your pasta and serve it together with the Panko Herb Encrusted Chicken.

Bon Appetit!


Rene said...

Yum, yum, yum!

I love Foodgwaker too!

Mama Bliss said...

yeah Foodgawker is great huh? :D