Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Simply Homecooked - Rush Hour Breakfast

They say, breakfast is the day's most important meal. In our modern society and lifestyle such as ours, it's tough to find time and the energy to spring up early in the morning to prepare ourselves some nice hot decent breakfast. 

I remember when I was still working full time, breakfast then, was usually a sandwich or on busier mornings I'd totally skip the "Most Important" meal of the day.
Since I started to stay home, breakfast has always been buns, or the local (Singaporean style) breakfast such as fried carrot cake and fried beehoon etc been sourcing for easy to prepare breakfast that's not the typical western breakfast such as sausages with sunny side up eggs. Was thrilled to have stumble upon some websites that offer great breakfast ideas. One of the breakfast recipe that excite me sufficiently to want to try is the "Egg Drop". The ingredients were simple and the steps to prepare took no more than 10mins. 

We had our Egg Drop last weekend and it didn't seem quite enough and so this morning I decided to make it again albeit with a slight variation.

It was yet again, an immediate hit with the kids and hubs. If I had bake the Egg Drop a little longer it'd definitely turn out to be a non-crusted mini quiche... maybe I should just make that the next time, that is, non-crusted mini quiche!

You can get the recipe of the Egg Drop from here.

If you have a great breakfast idea that's unusual and tasty, do share it with me :) Thank you!~

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