Thursday, September 29, 2011

Simply Home Cooked - Left Overs

I sometimes wonder what's the draw of pasta, especially tomato based pasta, that my kids would be more than happy to have them as their meals daily! My guess is that the sweet and sour taste of the tomatoes, that's rather appetizing, that it appeals to their taste buds.

As I was planning on what to prepare for dinner this evening, it came to mind that the easiest and fastest way to whip up something simple is pasta, naturally. However, I wanted to offer my kiddos something slightly different from their usual pasta.
We had some left over grilled chicken from our dinner the evening before and I thought what a perfect meal to utilize the left over meat. I am not finicky about left overs and we don't usually have left overs as well, so this is a good way to save time and $.

The meal today was so simple that it makes a good one-pot meal for the family, totally fuss-free and oh so quick as well! I chopped up some onions, garlic and capsicum and the chicken was further chopped into smaller bits as well.

Boiled some pasta (I used the alphabet pasta for this meal). Lay them at the bottom of the baking dish once the pasta was cooked.

I fried the chopped onions, garlic, capsicum and the left over chicken meat in the HappyCall pan for approximately 6 mins (flipping the pan in between the time) on medium heat; after which I added the pasta sauce and close the lid and cook for a further 3 mins (without flipping the pan) on medium heat.

Once that's done, I layer the mixture on top of the pasta in the baking dish, followed by topping it with cheese (I used grated cheddar and parmasean)

Baked in the oven for 20 mins on 180C. Love the wonderful aroma of cheese as the food was being baked. It's something simple yet tasty! You might want to add some black pepper or herbs if you like.

Bon Appetit!

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