Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My New Toy - The Happy Call Pan

I was drawn into the recent craze - The Happy Call Pan! Before I took notice of this pan, a friend in my FB contact list has been raving about it but it didn't move me then. It was until, she shared a photo of what she cooked the very day she received her pan, that I really sat up and did more research about this pan.
The rave about this pan is that it is very convenient and it shortens the cooking time because of it's patented pressure retention technology; with no oil splatters and greasy stains after cooking hence saving the effort of having to clean up the mess after each meal. In some countries this pan is also known as the "Flip 'n' Cook" pan because you can literally cook with both sides of the pan. No stir-frying is required just shake, flip the pan and cook!

See how the pan works through this link. Beware! You might be tempted just like I was. You might also want to take a look at the manual that's in English as a reference.

Since this pan is so popular there are many distributors of the Happy Call Pan. I got mine through GMarket, even then, there are many suppliers of this pan in GMarket as well and usually these suppliers do offer some very good deals (ie. with very good discounts). This is where I got mine, click here. I received my pan, via registered mail, in approximately 12 days upon payment & confirmation of order.


In case you were curious about how did my first 'test-drive' work here's the results:

My very first experiment was a flop because being too eager about testing out the pan I cooked this supposedly teriyaki salmon on HIGH HEAT all the way for 5 mins (3 mins on one side and 2 mins on the flip side)!!! I had to quickly turn off the stove when the scent of charred teriyaki sauce was seeping out of the pan!!!

To my surprise, while the thin layer of the surface was charred (it was the teriyaki sauce), the flesh of the salmon remained succulent and moist. Thank goodness it's still edible! :)

Picking up from the awry experience with cooking the salmon, I've taken a more cautious approach with the vegetable, low heat was used throughout the 5mins of cooking this dish.  :) I love the soft and tender vegetable that's not soggy or discoloured due to over-cooking. The vegetable and carrot tasted "sweet" in my opinion. Oh did I mention that I didn't use any oil at all to fry the vegetables? So you be the judge if it's a success?!

Proper heat control is needed when using this Happy Call Pan and I guess it can only come through experience. I've read in this forum where some ladies discussed about how their food didn't turn out as good as they have expected it to be. While there is also this lady who shared quite a number of recipes using the Happy Call Pan and she emphasized many times the ease of using the pan.

You decide if it's a good kitchen utensil to bag! As for me, I'll continue to experiment with more recipes using this Happy Call Pan :) I think it's fun that I can cook in such a short time without having to mop the floor and clean the hob like crazy after each meal is done! *wink*

*Note: If you wish to purchase a HappyCall pan too, you might want to consider purchasing it through this seller BestGmall (Click here). This was the seller I bought my pan from. 


Madeline said...

My mum-in-law bought it too! Have to say the fish she cooked is much more tender =)

Mama Bliss said...

oh yes, I'd have to agree even with my charred salmon it's was really tender on the inside... this is a wonder utensil! :)

Joce said...

Hi, not sure if you remember me. Attended playgrp at your place sometime back with my son, Ethan.

Anyways, thanks for the review. Saw the ad on Ch U and was tempted to buy. But not sure if it was another gimmicky ad. I'm pretty anal about the non-stick coating (all the talk abt health risks) so just wondering how "sturdy" the coating is?

And can it really be used to cook anything?

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Joce,

Yes, I do remember you :) you've got a very unique name :)

As indicated in the ad, this pan is coated with 3 layers of non-stick coating I suppose it should be quite alright as I've also seen in some HappyCall Pan demo that the cook actually use steel/metal spatula. But on the safer side I'd just use wooden spatula to cook.

Apparently, I've only used it to grill, fry and steam have not tried baking and stewing. But in my post I've shared a link with the lady sharing the recipes in video she used it for various types of cooking, you should check it out! :)

I am happy with the pan so far, as I don't have to stand before the stove to stir and fry the food hence less oil/smelly splatters on me after each cooking session ;) and with the kitchen timer, I can be doing something else while the pan is cooking. I personally see a lot of pros than cons in using this pan! :)

Susan said...

Hi Mama Bliss,
I'm so tempted to get the Happy Call pan after reading a couple of reviews. It definitely seems like a time saver for busy mums. I'm going to Korea next month and am wondering if I should just buy it from there. Haha

Mama Bliss said...

Susan, I think you should get it from Korea since you will be there. You can easily buy the pan from the Lotte Supermarket and I heard that it's very much cheaper about SGD40+ tp SGD50. If you can wait it'll be good to get it there :)

Mamoukee said...

Hi there - can this pan be used only over a gas stove? Do you think it will work over a Ceramic Hob?

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Mamoukee, yes, according to the members of the HappyCall Pan group in FB, it can be used on ceramic induction hob (if that's what you are referring to). What you can do is, put some water into the pan and try it on the hob to see if the water boils. That's what one of the members did to experiment. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mamabliss,

I just decided to get one after seeing yr blog and cooking demo but there are a few models of happycall. May I know which model did you get exactly? Pls advise..Tks.


Mama Bliss said...

Hi Bernard,

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I am using a deeper red pan right now and have recently bought a basic red pan as well.

You might want to consider an Ocher Deeper Pan since that's the latest in the market. I think they are going to phase out the red deeper pan, as some sellers in Gmarket has already stopped selling it.

Hope that helps :) if you need more information, you might want to visit this website for details

Let me know if you need more info.

mrsthio said...

Hi Mamabliss,

I'm interested to get the pan but I read there are many fake ones out there. Is it safe to buy from G market? I will need to buy a feed pots n pans for my new home :)

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Mrs Thio, I got mine from BestGMall of GMarket and it appears to be authentic. You can also try these other reliable sellers - Smart Green Style or Biz J. These sellers have been recommended and commended by quite a number of users :) Hope that's of help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the tips on using HCP. Do you mind sharing why you bought the Standard 55mm pan when you already have the 75mm deeper pan? I am now struggling which HCP pan to buy. I like the Orcher deeper for the odour reduction and flexibility to cook a bit more sometimes (like fried noodles) but I worried its too heavy to handle and flip, esp with food inside.

The standard one looks like it can cook enough meat/ fish for a family of 4 to 5 pax but I not quite sure abt whether its size is enough to a cook hearty portion of veg for 4 to 5pax?

I wish I can just buy the 2 but space and cost is a concern..

Sorry for the long post...really headache of which to buy..


Mama Bliss said...

Hi Dilemma'ma,

Sorry for this late response. I bought the deeper pan (7.5mm depth) first and subsequently bought a basic pan (5.5mm depth). I bought the second pan to speed up the cooking process especially during times when I had to make stews that requires a longer cooking time. That way I can still fry the veggies and have food ready together at the same time :)

The basic pan is rather shallow and it's good for frying fishes. I personally felt that the basic pan wasn't deep enough to fry too much vegetables. So if you have to choose just one pan, I'd recommend the deeper pan it's more versatile.

Hope this has been helpful. Otherwise, join us at our Facebook Like page to discuss with others in the group to have a better idea. Here's the link

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am keen to get this pan too but I am wondering if it is difficult to open the pan due to the magnet. Hope you can share your experience. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I joined the club as of today. Saw an advertisement from ISETAN SALE And manage to buy it for $69 instead of $169