Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kids Art

Kids' art always fascinate me. They are so full of creativity and imagination. I could definitely spend hours just looking at their drawings and be amused.

I believe, by just looking at their drawing I can have a glimpse of what's going through their minds as they drew those pictures. At the same time I'm always pleasantly surprise by their abilities in drawing, as it's said by Susan Striker, (verbatim) children learn to draw through a process of creative development of scribbling. "Between the ages of four and seven children begin to draw other objects they see in the world. These are placed randomly on the page and colors are chosen for emotional reasons rather than for their realistic connection with the objects." (source: Young at Art). I have observed the development of my kids' scribbling and it's quite on target as described in the book, interesting isn't it?

I think art is such a wonderful way to express oneself, while I do not expect my children to be the next Picasso or Claude Monet, I do hope they'd always find enjoyment in expressing themselves through their drawing.


Homeschool @ sg said...

I was very hopeful that my son & I would engage in art activities especially drawing coz I enjoy it very much. Unfortunately, he has no interest. I wish I could show people his drawings or like you say see his world through his art. But alas! I'm that unfortunate in this aspect :( sobz

Mama Bliss said...

Don't give up Cheok-o-late, some kids will take to the liking of drawing at a later stage :) you could demonstrate by doing some drawings yourself to encourage your son to get started :) (just a suggestion)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I agree with you that we are able to tell alot from our children's scribbles and drawings. I guess that's the premise that art therapy is based on. I think art is a great avenue for kids to express themselves, and at the moment, I'm just letting my toddler run free with her colours and paints (to a certain limit of course!) Thx for sharing your child's colourful artwork! =)

Mama Bliss said...

Hi June, thanks for stopping by here :) yeah it's great to allow the younger children to explore different art material (with boundaries set *smile*) and not restrict them on what they want to draw/scribble/doodle

I've popped by your blog previously and saw that you've been doing loads of fun art and craft stuff with your little one!!! great job there! :)

Rachel said...

I can almost spot the ones drawn by Tim and Joyce. Hehe...the long hair, butterfly, flowers ones are definitely Joyce while the Robot has to be Tim. Plus can see their drawing development differences quite clearly between the two. I always find Kyle's drawings very interesting as well...and u can clearly see wat is their interest at that moment.