Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HappyCall Yummies - More Experiments

I think in time to come, I might forget how to use a regular frying pan or wok *smile* Using the HappyCall pan is so easy, especially so when it requires very little stir frying and having to stand by the stove watching. With a timer, a few swirls and flips you can be spared from the splatter of grease/oil on yourself. I really like cooking this way :)

Previously, when I prepared fried noodles, I'll usually get spills and oil splatters around the stove and it was a greasy affair trying to clean up the mess. With the HappyCall pan it made frying noodles much cleaner now.

Ingredients: Dried Egg Noodle (1 pack - sufficient for 4 adults), chopped garlic, minced ginger, 3 eggs for omelette, prawns, 1 small carrot sliced into thin strips, vegetables (I used french beans, you may use vegetables such as cai xin or bok choy), mushroom(optional). 2 tsp Knorr Chicken powder, 2 tsp light soya sauce, 30ml water.

Method: Boil the egg noodles in a pot of water for 1.5mins (I didn't want the noodles to turn too soggy). Beat the eggs and fry it in the HappyCall pan (2-3mins, med low heat, flip the pan in between the time), dish out the omelette and set it aside. Heat up some oil (about the size of a 50cts coin) and fry the ginger and garlic for 1min, add in the vegetables, carrot, mushrooms (2-3 mins, med low heat, flip the pan in between the time), add the prawns and let it cook for another 1 min before adding the noodles. Once the noodles is in the pan add the Knorr chicken powder, light soya sauce and water, close the pan (cook for 4 mins, med low heat). Give the noodles a few light stirs in order to even out the seasoning at the end of the cooking. Cut the omelette into strips and serve together with the noodles.

Here's another one 'pan' meal that my family and I've always enjoyed! It's so fuss-free and so easy to cook. It's even easier using the HappyCall pan and the omelette turns out so beautifully! I wasn't able to achieve such perfect looking omelette using regular frying pan simply because while trying to flip the omelette the vegetable and the eggs will get separated. This time, I achieved a perfect long beans meat omelette! *beaming*

Ingredients: 4 eggs beaten, long beans chopped, 200gms minced pork, garlic chopped, 2tsp of Knorr Chicken powder, 1tsp oil.

Method: Heat up the oil and add in the chopped garlic stir it for 1 min, add in the chopped long beans and the Knorr chicken powder. Close the lid of the pan (cook for 3 mins on med high heat, flip the pan in between the time). I added the minced pork into the beaten egg and mix it till it's even. Once the long beans is ready, pour in the egg mixture (cook for 6 mins, med low heat, flip the pan in between the time).

Cooking can only get easier with the HappyCall pan! :) More recipes to come so stay tuned!

*Note: If you wish to purchase a HappyCall pan too, you might want to consider purchasing it through this seller BestGmall (Click here). This was the seller I bought my pan from. 


Rose said...

Oh, I wonder what is Happycall pan at first. Ok, I sold this in the shop but different brand from Korea. My FIL bought it last year and he loves to use it for frying eggs and fishes. Less mess and taste natural.

stardust said...

Reading from your blog, I am so tempted to buy this Happy Call pan!

Is cleaning the pan easy?

Mama Bliss said...

Yes, Rose, in some countries it's known as Chefel Flip n Cook pan but it's actually produced by the same company as HappyCall pans :) it's really a great pan!

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Stardust, :) many people called me the unofficial spokeswoman of HappyCall Pan :P it's quite easy to clean the pan. What you need to do is just wipe the pan with a kitchen paper towel first then bring it to the sink to wash it. I usually wash it like I would wash a regular frying pan. :)

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

You are tempting me big time, Pauline! All your food pictures look so gorgeous! I use these pots called AMC, also minimal frying etc, but my food is definitely not as colourful as yours! :)

Mama Bliss said...

LOLz Linette, thanks for your compliments :) I guess it has to do with the lighting as well. I usually try to take photos of my food before 6pm so that I could still rely on the natural light to bring out the colours of the food :)

Ing said...

Hi Pauline,

My mum actually asked me to buy this after watching the ad in channel U. But I didn't cos it cost hundred over dollars I think. Just wondering why the difference in price? You got yours for $60 over? I'm really very tempted to buy after reading your posts, as I'm one who hates the oiliness of cooking!

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Ing,

Yes, it's a great pan I really have to say! :) I got mine through a direct seller from Korea via Gmarket. I guess the price difference could be bec the local seller Lejel has factored in their cost of advertising into the selling price (that's just my guess, based on my advertising experience previously).

If you like, you might want to consider this seller in Gmarket http://www.gmarket.com.sg/g/404040063/200003476 I got my pan within 12 days via Registered post.

Rachel said...

Your creations are so tempting...make me want to get the pan as well. But I don't want to encourage laziness in an already lazy helper..plus no space at all in the kitchen!

Mama Bliss said...

Thanks Rachel... lazy helper aside, this pan does help to save money and the earth in the long run :P I use less oil these days and the time saved from using the gas stove has also help to saved the earth (albeit in a very tiny way). :)

Angeline said...

Wow oh wow! Simple ingredients, yet your plating skills made the dish looked soooooooo restaurant like! *Thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

Hi Mamabliss,

I noticed that this Knorr chicken powder is frequently in ur ingredient list. Is this a type of like MSG or spices? Available in which section of Fairprice? Thks for ur enlightenment, hee....


Anonymous said...

Hi mamabliss

Your dishes all look so yummy! Am solo tempted to get the Happy Call pan after reading your posts on the convenience of using it. Just a query, is the pan you have, Teflon coated? Need to use wooden spatula etc when need to stir etc? Thanks.

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Melody,

Yes, I use the Knorr Chicken powder that can be found in most supermarket it comes in a glass bottle. It's great for seasoning w/o hvg to add salt. You should be able to find the Knorr Chicken powder around the sauces department.

Hope that helps.

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Anonymous,

HappyCall pans are coated with 3 layers of ceramic therefore you are able to use metal spatula on the pan though I am kiasu, I continue to use wooden spatulas instead :)

Chew Family said...

Hi! I wanted to get one thru the link you suggested. However, I can't find the option to have a registered delivery. Or does standard delivery mean registered? The price quoted in G market is in S$ right?

Chew Family said...

Hi, I wanted to get one for my parents thru the link you recommended but I can't find the option for registered mail. Does standard delivery mean registered? The price quoted is in S$ right?

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Chew Family,

If you are placing an order from the link I've shared this seller do free registered delivery therefore there's no options for delivery :) as for the price quoted, yes it's in S$.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need more help :)

Anonymous said...

Hi mama bliss,

Thk u! I have juz bought a bottle of Knorr chicken powder.

Do u store it in the fridge after opening or it is fine to leave it outside!

By the way, for the happy call pan, do u do any special washing prior to first use? N do we need to wash it throughly after cooking a dish to prepare for the next one?

Haha.. Thk u for ur patience with this first timer cook!

Cheers... Melody

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Melody,

Wow you are fast! Hope you'll enjoy the taste of the seasoning as much as I do :) Yes, I stored it in the refrigerator after opening it.

Yes, there's special care that needs to be given to the pan prior to using it. Here's the link to the english instruction manual for your reference https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B9K8D2iKLWyWNWYxNGY1YTMtZTU0My00YWQ1LWIyODktYzJkMjRjOWU0M2Fk&hl=en_US&pli=1

Hope it's useful! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mama bliss,

Yup, can't wait to start experimenting with my first time cooking using the pan, especially with ur delicious looking pictures and detailed recipes. But got to wait for my pan to arrive first. =)

Thank you!

Cheers.. Melody

Jullie Teo said...

Thanks for sharing! Just bought the pan not long ago but no clue how to use it...

Reading your blog is such a joy... :)

God Bless