Saturday, September 17, 2011

Daily Meals

Are there days that you just don't feel like cooking, yet you know your loved ones need to eat (home cooked food)? I've experienced many of such days when I picture the end before the beginning ie. the thought of washing, cleaning and all have already tire me before I even begin to plan what to cook for dinner!

On such days, I'll resort to what I call "lazy mom's day cooking"! I'll grab whatever I have in the refrigerator (see I was lazy to the fact that I didn't even want to go to the market). One of the best and yet tasty meals I've whipped up was to use this bottle of Teriyaki sauce! Love it to bits because it's tasty, convenient and best of all it's a no-brainer to use this sauce! Anything would turn out yummy, honestly!

And so, we had our teriyaki chicken with french beans, all cooked with the HappyCall pan :) So simple, I don't even need to do any planning! After rubbing the teriyaki sauce on both sides of the meat, the chicken thigh was cooked on medium high heat 3 mins on one side and flip to the other side for another 3 mins, add one more min if you like the skin more brown. The meat was superbly tender. Oh best of all, I DID NOT use any oil! 

Naturally, the food was completely devoured with my kids asking for more by the end of dinner! *beaming* with a HappyCall pan life does get easier for me! :)


During the day, I love to eat something simple for lunch. Something that needs very little cooking or preparation. Today, I was in the mood to bake a simple loaf of bread and so I baked a walnut herbal loaf. If only I had canned soup at home, it'd be such a lovely lunch! :)

Nothing beats the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread surrounding your home! *lovez*

Not sure about you, but I love to have breakfast food during lunch time. It's just a personal preference. So this was my lunch this afternoon and it not only filled my tummy but it's also a satisfying meal! *smile*


pc said...

great sharing on teriyaki sauce:).

you can try char-siew sauce to roast the pock meat in oven... have not try this for long. guess I'll buy both sauces when i next visit to ntuc;).

Mama Bliss said...

hey thanks for sharing about the char-siew sauce idea i shall try that the next time :)