Friday, September 30, 2011

Fail-Proof Baking!

Baking is such a joy especially when you see one after another of your home made bakes turn out well. The kiddos love to help me in the kitchen, and would always hover around me as I am cooking or baking. 

As part of our project "When the TV's unplugged" I was tasked unofficially to create or think up of more activities to keep the kids occupied and keep away from relying too much of the TV to baby-sit the kids.

Baking was one of the listed activities as I feel that the kids' involvement would help them learn through "play" in the kitchen. Because they are involved, I try to minimize the need of starting everything from scratch so we did 2 projects of baking using the buttercake premix from "White Wings" and both cakes turned out supremely yummy and soft!
This could be bought from Fair Price or any major super markets. The instructions are brief but very easy to follow...ppst... it's rather idiot-proof and the results are fail-proof!

This was our Upside-Down Pineapple Cake. It was completely consumed by the end of the next day!

This Walnut Chocolate cake was what we baked this evening. 

This will definitely go well with some nice Earl Grey tea!

Shall google to look for more recipes to bake! I think I've caught the baking bug again! *wink*

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