Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Simply One Pot - Fish in Tomato Sauce

I am a busy and lazy mom, if I could make one pot meals daily, believe me, I WOULD! Yet, I need to consciously prepare meals that are nutritious and interesting to the Big kid and small kids.

Mamabliss' kitchen is usually closed on weekends and we'd always end up dining out and most times we consume food loaded with too much oil, salt, MSG and meat!!! So I try my utmost best to regulate our food intake during the weekdays with more vegetables and fish.

I had a hectic Monday (this week), yet I do not want to do takeaway so I grabbed some Cream Snapper Fillet at the supermart, a bottle of pasta sauce, some tomatoes, a capsicum and some large onions, one carrot and whipped up this one pot meal for us!
Here's how you can prepare this one-pot dish. Chop up all the ingredients besides the fish. Stir fry the onions, capsicum, carrot till tender add in the pasta sauce followed by the tomatoes. Bring it to a boil and simmer for 15-20mins. If you wish to have the sauce thinner, you may add 1/2 cup of chicken broth (I used 1tbsp of the maggi concentrated chicken broth and mixed it in 1/2 cup of water).

Meanwhile, rub a small amount of salt & pepper on the fish fillet and pan fry it for 2 mins (medium high heat) on both sides. If you are using a thicker fish fillet, you might have to pan fry it a little longer on low heat.

Prepare steam rice and place the fish fillet onto the plate and dish the sauce over the fish... ENJOY! :)


I have a natural affinity to mushrooms, not sure why. Cream of mushroom has always been my favourite! I am grateful that I was able to find a very simple method of preparing this soup from Youtube. Oh how I love Youtube, I can literally find anything and everything I want! :)

This is the umpteenth time that I've made this cream of mushroom as it's back by popular demand! *wink* The kids and the hubs LOVE it too!~

If you have time, try preparing it too! :)

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