Monday, August 22, 2011

Lesson Learned?

I have been pondering, reflecting and thinking a bit about what I was asked during the "Hands of Love" program; which I felt that I didn't give an answer that truly reflects how I feel about motherhood.

The host, Mark Lee, threw me a question unexpectedly (rather I wasn't thinking fast enough on my feet) about what I've learned thus far from my children.

I'd say, the most precious lesson I've learned from my children would be simplicity is the key to happiness!
Three years ago when I decided to stay home as a full-time mom, I didn't think that I'd appreciate the simplest thing would have made my day and am honestly happy about it!

Simple activities such as eating ice cream with my kids, watching them play together, over hearing their childish yet comical conversation, enjoying a garden walk with them, observing the clouds, watching TV programs, chatting with them and doing nothing together would be so fun and enjoyable.
We are not well-to-do, but we are definitely rich in love and laughter at home which I believe, being rich monetarily might not be able to bring us such wealth of joy and happiness!
The kids are growing every minute and what better time to savour all these treasured moments than it is now! It is the now that we live in and of course a better future that we hope for. If I'm ever asked what I've learned as a mom from my kids, it'll definitely be Simplicity is the key to happiness!

So what lesson have you learned from your children thus far?


Homeschool @ sg said...

I've learnt from my son how to tune out when mei mei is crying! Ha! No seriously, you've sum it all up. Simplicity! At times I would shower my son with expensive outings, clothes, toys etc but only to find out he's much more happy & contented just staying home with me & his old toys. :) I guess kids become materialistic & loose their simplicity because we teach them to be :( how sad.

Madeline said...

Hi, thanks for popping by my blog! The thing I learnt from my girl is that they forgive and forget. No matter what mistakes you did, like bumped her head by accident, she'll cry and then it'll be over. I guess our lives would be happier if all of us could be like tt too =)

Rachel said...

I have learnt the same; simple contentment. So true that kids don't need expensive or alot of things, all they want is parents to spend time talking and playing with them.

Another thing I have learnt is to be more loving. I am not a very affectionate person, for the longest time, even before I got to know Keith I had issues with being affectionate. But somehow God gave me this child that is very sticky, affectionate and loving. I am have learnt and still learning from my child how to be a more affectionate parent and even a wife...haha

Mama Bliss said...

Thank you ladies for sharing the lessons you've learned from your children with me here :)

I agree that there are a lot more things that I've learned from my kids than Simplicity and that is forgiveness and affection :)

I guess our lives are never mundane when we have our little ones with us! :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. We learn from our kids everyday, and I think I have learnt to be more carefree! Life is short, so seize the day and enjoy your time with your children :)