Monday, August 01, 2011

Injured Foot

Some three weeks ago, I had a really nasty sprain on my left ankle. I was asked by many concerned family and friends how did I sprained my ankle that badly that it was all bandaged up.

I was window shopping and naturally my eyes were wandering at the merchandise that the only time I realized I had a really bad sprain when I could hardly even stand up and the pain was excruciating that I couldn't even utter a sound. I was in the squatting position for a good 5 minutes before the very nice ladies of the shop noticed that I was in trouble and helped me sit by the chair just outside the shop.

You see, the shop was on a slope and the ground was not leveled. Being on high heels + the shop on a slope + my eyes were on the merchandise and not on the ground... the math just add up pretty badly for me!
With the help of hubby, I hopped my way (on my right leg) to a nearby shoe shop to get a pair of flip flops because I seriously couldn't walk in my high heels anymore. This is by far my first ever experience having a sprain on the ankle.

This episode has also made me realize how important our health is. With one ankle injured it's just so inconvenient to even walk much less to fulfill all the duties I have on my plate. To date, the ankle still hurts as I walk down any stairs. While I can walk without limping now, the nagging pain remains within the bone. Though there's no fracture, I believe the healing is going to take a long while.

Everyday, I have to take my steps gingerly fearing that I might sprain the same area again... sigh...


Rose said...

Ouch! that is very painful. Do rest more and dont window shopping until you fully recover. *wink* Take care.

Mama Bliss said...

Thanks Rose :)