Saturday, August 13, 2011

Excuse Me, Are You a SAHM?

Was it a difficult decision? How did you decide to be one? What kind of preparations did you have to make before taking the plunge? etc etc etc... These were some of the multiple questions I was asked in my course as a SAHM.

My answer to that? It was a calling! Nothing to agonize over, nothing to analyze till paralyze about... since it's a calling, my Heavenly Father, will equip me! I have been a SAHM since January 14th, 2008, it's been a good 3.5 years thus far. While there are ups and downs being a full-time mom, nothing beats having the luxury of time to be with the children chatting, playing, learning and laughing together.

The stigma of being a SAHM remains especially so when I've not been in the market place and in the jungle of the survival of the fittest. However, I relish on my time of being away from all the gnashing, back biting, playing the political game to scale the corporate ladder. All these are exhausting and meaningless (to me, of course). So, I wouldn't trade my time as a SAHM for the world not even with the lure of a million dollars!
I'd agree that it's equally exhausting being a SAHM, it's all for a good purpose, and life is so much more fulfilling. Even though I have been home, I'm grateful that I have not lost touch with what's been happening in the world, all thanks to the advancement of technology - internet connection! If I were to be a SAHM in my mom's time, I might be out of the house everyday (just like what my mom did previously *smile*). Being connected with other moms who are in the same phase of life as I am is important to me. The friendship, the struggles we share, the encouragement we offer to each other, the hobbies we are into are part and parcel of making this journey of motherhood bearable.

Recently, I've been privileged to be connected to a video production house who was producing a family related program. I was elated to be given the opportunity to share my journey as a SAHM with more people through this program. Hopefully, it'd impact someone positively along the way :)
Being involved in the production of the program opened my eyes to loads more on what went on behind the scenes. It has really been a great learning experience!

“大手牵小手" is an 8-episode program. It will debut this coming Monday, August 15th 2011, 9pm on Channel U. Be sure to catch the program for it's packed with great content that you wouldn't want to miss! I am on episode 3 by the way. :)


pc said...

so next Monday will be your turn!!! i must mark the calender:).

Mama Bliss said...

Thanks dear... :)

JJ Mummy said...

glad to know about this show. will catch you on tv next monday!:D

Mama Bliss said...

Thank you JJ Mummy ;)