Monday, July 18, 2011

Celebrating their differences

My children, they are as different as day and night. Besides the obvious difference of being a boy and a girl they are completely wired differently ;) It's something I have always been grateful for even though it drives me crazy sometimes.
Little Missy, the spunky and feisty little one; she's full of life and fun... a social butterfly and one whom I've observed to be into the arts - singing and dancing. One definitely with better EQ than her brother ;)
Little Man, he's a dreamer, a builder, charmer (to his mom - *ahem* yours truly)... creative in his own little ways. Definitely more academically advance than his sister - ie. the one with better IQ.

One interesting and observable difference between the two of them is the way they eat.
This was Missy's plate of chicken rice after 5 mins into eating her lunch.
And this was Little Man's plate of chicken rice, 5 mins after eating his lunch. It's something I have always laughed about - their eating habits.

Regardless of their differences, I am glad to have them as my children. They have taught me too much about life and what it takes to be a mother. It's definitely a privilege!


~~吳大娘 - 吳懿恩, 吳懿倖和吳勇樂的母亲大人~~ said...

Your kids are so cute .. one just eat the rice and one just eat the meat .. next time you can just buy one plate of chicken rice for both of them to share :)

Mama Bliss said...

Michelle, in fact they were sharing one plate of chicken rice :) each of them have half of the one plate of chicken rice. You were right, one just eats the meat first and the other eats the rice first.