Monday, January 31, 2011

A Look Back @ Year 2010

It's such a long time since I last updated this blog... I am definitely getting lazier since I get hooked up on Facebook. Facebook has changed the way I've consume the internet.

Yet, I think blogging is necessary for me to put my reflections and happenings around us down somewhere that one day my children and people who are dear to me could reminisce and remember the events in our lives. Besides the very reason why I started blogging was to chart the events of my life as a mother. (Note to self for year 2011, to update blog as often as possible!)

I know it's a little late to be tracing back the major events of Year 2010 for me, this is nonetheless for the records.

My darling son, the Little Man, turned 4 and it was his first time being in a full-day school together with Little Missy. We struggled through approximately 8-9 months getting the Little Man fully adjusted to school life, our perseverance paid-off!
For someone such as yours truly who totally detest household chores, it was a brave decision to let the helper go and not hire a new one! God has been gracious and He has given me the strength ("I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" ~ Phil 4:13)
Since the beginning of my staying home as a mom, I've been sharing ideas on home learning and running playgroups of my own at home, likewise for my friend, Rachel. We didn't want to put our research and learnings to waste thus the birth of
Launch of Home Learning Made Easy workshop, the pivotal turn in our business. Having had the experience and love in nurturing and educating our children at home, we decided to pass on that knowledge to empower other like-minded moms.

Touching lives of fellow-moms who have attended our workshops! This is by far the greatest job satisfaction that I've experienced in my entire life (yes, not even my full-time career previously brought me such job satisfaction)!
Life was never the same after running our own business! We've learned so much about internet marketing, Facebook marketing and even had the opportunity to speak at an Infocomm event and Mums At Work networking session.

Little Man's first year end concert. It was his first time and he was naturally reluctant to try something new that's of this scale. He was reluctant to practice the dance steps when the teacher taught the class... he was reluctant to put on his costume... he was reluctant to wear make-up. After approximately 3-4 months of cajoling and encouragement, Little Man relented! I was one of the proudest moms watching my son performing on stage amidst a group of more than 100 pax spectators.
Our first trip out of the country as a family! We felt the kids were old enough to appreciate and enjoy a trip and our first stop was to the Disneyland!
Craze for crafting & sewing reignited! Since the beginning of Year 2010 I had shelved my interest in crafting and sewing due to the countless changes that went on for us. I was pleasantly surprise that the love in this area hasn't worn out even though I took a long hiatus.

There's something about sewing and crafting that made it so therapeutic for me. I believe it's got to do with the training of patience while working on it and the sense of achievement after each item is completed.
Year 2011 has started and I look forward to all that is to come for this brand new year! While there may be challenges, I know it'll be a ride of a life time that God will go through with me and my loved ones regardless!

More records of the year 2011 to come!!!


Rose said...

What an interesting year it was! More to come this year. Gong xi fa chai to you and family

pc said...

hey, Happy (belated) New Year to you:)... Happy Chap Goh Mei, to be exact:p.

it is a interesting year to you! bravo and keep up the good work. you are always an awesome mum~!!!

Libby said...

Salute you for achieving these milestones!