Monday, August 02, 2010

Little Missy Turned 3 Today!

Some 3 weeks ago, we've decided that Little Missy will have a little birthday party in school where most of her friends (whom she's familiar with) will be there to celebrate her special day with her. Me (a lazy mom), thought this is the BEST place to do so (read: being spared the hassle of sending out invites and waiting for responses and co-ordinating venue, catering of food, activities for the guests/kids etc)! As it turned out, it was a right decision! HAH!
Little Missy was so excited about the celebration that she was all smiles this morning and throughout the birthday celebration. She chose this "Beautiful Belle" cake (hubs & my last purchase of any Disney Princess to her - more about this in a separate post) and was all too engrossed with the thought of being a princess, even her teacher was telling me about Little Missy's fantasy.
The whole world (her teachers and friends) knew that pink was Little Missy's favourite colour... she must have been announcing it to everybody in school *faint*
I wanted to steer away from what all other parents have been giving out as birthday favours (not for the sake of being different). I decided to keep everything simple by offering home-baked cookies (packed into a DIY paper bag) and a batch of stickers as birthday favour. Little Missy's classmates seem content with that ;)

I always cringe whenever my kids bring home a goodie bag filled with candies, lollypops, chocolates, oreo cookies, pocky sticks, jello... and you name it all the scarily super duper sweet and "heaty" stuff.

No offense to the rest of the parents, but I seriously dislike my kids consuming such stuff, so very often these packets of "goodies" would either end up in hubby's tummy or in the rubbish bin.
Tim was yanked out from his nap to attend his sister's party. While being groggy and sleepy, he was happy and lapped up every bit of the cake.
Little Missy, cheery with her English teacher, teacher Majorie.
Her favourite teacher, 庄老师, whom she picked up most of her fluent mandarin from.
Little Missy, didn't forget to serve the rest of the teachers in school... she's all too glad to serve them because t'was her special day ;)

Happy 3rd Birthday, my Little Missy!


ce said...

Really like your goodies bag to the children :)
Any tips to share on DIY the paper bag? It looks time consuming to do so many of them.

Mama Bliss said...

HI Ce,

Thanks for your kind compliments about the DIY favour bags :)

I got the brown bags from SKP and all I did was google for a picture that I want and add that to a word processing software (you could ppt) do some simple editing and adding of text, I printed the no. of copies I needed, I cut and pasted it onto the bags.

Easy peasy. Yes, like you've said, it is time consuming (especially the cutting/pasting part) if your child has a big class. Little Missy has 21 classmates so I made a few extras just for in case. Took me about 2 hrs to source for pix, edit, print, cut and paste.

But it's otherwise very personalized and you can do it to suit your needs ;)

byihui said...

time really flies! joyce is 3, stil remember u writing abt the labour process some time back :) i love your gift bag ideas too! anyway, we also just celebrate for j in her school every year without fail. she gets to enjoy the big scale celebration with her frens in the simple comfort of sch w/o us parents going thru so much hassle...