Friday, July 16, 2010

Sticky Situation - No More!

Have you ever had this problem where your pair of scissors were filled with the gooey stuff from the sticky tape that you've cut?

I make lots of learning aids and many of them required self-adhesive velcro tape. I've thrown away a few pairs of scissors simply because I don't know how to get the goo out of the scissors and it was frustrating trying to cut when the pair of scissors were in that state.
I know we could use the Ronsonol fluid to clean these stuff off but I hate the smell and oily feel when handling such stuff... Then, someone brilliant shared... in order to get rid of the goo all it took was...
Alcohol swab! You'd need to rub many times on the goo before it will come off don't give up just keep going, the goo will eventually come off clean!
TA-DAAAAAAA!!! Scissors good as new, all ready to be used again!!! ;) Cool huh?!

Hope this little tip comes in handy to you!


Rose said...

I didnt know that alcohol swabs do those stuff. Yes, I must clean my scissor (I actually have one sticky gooey scissor) with swabs! Thanks for the information, Mamabliss. You have a wonderful weekend.

Dawn said...

thanks for sharing! I also have the same problem which I get so irritated over and held on to the sticky scissors and not get rid of it as I knew there would be an easy solution to wiping it off! haha! THANKS!

Message Keeper said...

Usually I use rubber eraser to rub off the sticky but have to be careful as the scissor will cut the eraser. I will try this method. Thanks for sharing!