Friday, July 16, 2010

Messy Fun: TV-Free Evening!

Yaay!!! They've made it!!! The kids have made it - they've unplugged from the TV for the entire day!!! (no watching of TV during the day at school, and this evening - too busy playing) *beaming*

It's been too long since we last had a messy fun activity (cos I dread the cleaning up part, now that we are living without a live-in helper) and so this evening, I've given the kids a free choice of Messy Fun activity... and they picked THREE!!!
My initial intention was to let them play with shaving foam and water... but Tim requested to play with chalk and to blow bubbles too. I relented since I've offered to let them pick the activity.

They were thrilled and was playing by the corridor for a good 1.5hrs flat (right after dinner)! They were just too engrossed with the water play and stomping on chalks that they didn't have the time to blow bubbles... well, they had their fun!

Love it best that without much effort I could just wash off all the shaving foam and powdered chalk with a bucket of water *smile*

I've just thought of the next Messy Fun idea... ;) I think the kids would love it to bits!

Stay tuned!


MeRy said...

So fun.....

Homeschool @ sg said...

Im sure the kids had a blast! Good on you! Messy fun is definately fun for the kids but lots of cleaning up for the mother!! AAH, but the things we do for our kids!

Rose said...

I hate the cleaning part too. But I also have fun with my girl. hahah!