Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time Out!

I've been really missing those times when I could bring the kids out on a regular basis to everywhere and anywhere... allowing them the space and time to run and play and experience the outdoor life.

Since they started school, and I started working at home, I haven't had much opportunity of bringing them out. Hubs have been really busy the past 2 months that he didn't have time to bring us out during the weekends... the kids were running amok in the house and I think they desperately needed some time out since they have been confined to the four walls of school the entire week...

It was really great to have a friend to play with during our time out, so was truly grateful that Rachel was willing to bring K out to join us!

Kids were just born to love water I feel. Judging from how happy the children were when we step into the Marina Barrage.
We like the Marina barrage because there was water aplenty and the vast amount of space for the kids to run around in. They could indeed play here the entire day! Loved how the kids laughed, ran and played with the water that day!
This weekend, we took the kids to the National Museum as it was the Children's Season and during this period there were various interesting programs lined up for the kids. We thought it might be good to expose the kids with more activities within the museum to get them interested in this area of learning.
This felt wall installation was great! Though the kids were only interested in it for just a little bit (10mins)...
Little Missy was really thrilled to be dressed up as a flower fairy... great dramatic play for kids of her age...sparked the imagination and creativity of the child.
The kids exploring some of the elements from the felt wall.
They didn't feel quite comfy in those costumes although the mommies were very tickled by them... *smile*
Tried to engage them with some reading activities, yet it was short lived, in less than 2 mins they were off to doing something else... guess they were just too distracted by the hustle and bustle around the place that day...

The only activity that kept them interested beyond 10mins was drawing/writing.
Tim being absolutely proud about his ability to draw better now. He's showing off his drawing of our family here.
K was busy scribbling away... :)
Still, nothing beats being outdoors. The kids just couldn't have enough of outdoor play, so a short 10mins at the playground after lunch, was still their choice activity of the day.

So more activities lined up for the following Saturdays to come, I feel like a full time working mom now that I could only bring them out during weekends... hmmm... not a bad thing though at least we still get some fresh air and sunshine during the week *wink*

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we went there too on Sun after church!