Monday, May 24, 2010

Simply Homecooked - 3-Eggs Wonder

I can't remember when I had a taste of this dish at the Crystal Jade restaurant, what I do remember was I can't forget how delicious it was since the day I ate this dish :)
Although I don't really know absolutely what ingredients the chefs of the restaurant used, however, this was what I've observed. Other than the obvious spinach & 3 different types of eggs they've used, there was also dried prawns, and chicken stock to make this dish a little tastier :)

Here's how you can prepare this dish too -

Ingredients -
1x Regular egg (you may add more if you are planning not to use salted eggs or century eggs)
2x Salted eggs (one full salted egg, and one egg yolk)
1x Century egg (chopped; omit this if you don't fancy it)
1 pack spinach (bought from the super market)
2 tbsp dried prawns (washed and soaked)
1 pot Chicken Stock (boiled with chicken bones and 3 corn on cob; for convenience you might want to use 3-4tbsp of concentrated chicken stock in 2l of water)

Method of preparation -
1) Boil the chicken stock for over 2hrs (on stove, after bringing the soup to a boil, continue to simmer under low fire)
2) Remove all the chicken bones and corn on cob after the soup is boiled.
3) Add all the eggs into the soup and dried prawns, bring it to a boil.
4) Add the spinach, once the vegetable is cooked, just cease fire
5) Serve (no seasoning is required as the salted egg and dried prawns would have given the soup base some taste).

Enjoy this 3-eggs wonder! *smile*


Daphne said...

I just had this for dinner the other day and it was sublime! Thanks for the recipe, I think I may customise it a little bit to my own liking (+++ salted egg).

YM said...

This is one of my fav too! Boon Tong Kee at Balestier Rd does a good version too. And their daily soup, esp. fen ge soup, is yummylicious!