Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Simply One Pot - Chicken & Vege Omelette

This is a great one-dish meal to whip up, anytime, when you want a hassle-free preparation. Best of all it's nutritious (contains fibre & protein all in one) and at a very low cost :)
I first come across this dish one day when I was invited for lunch at a dear friend's home. I was curious how this simple dish was so yummy and asked for the recipe so that I may try to replicate the goodness to my loved ones at home :) it was a really popular dish between my kids...

Here's how you can prepare it too...

Ingredients -
3 eggs (beaten)
100gms minced chicken
1/2 pack of green vegetables (boiled; you may use baby cai xin or spinach)
Soya sauce
Corn starch
Cooking oil

Methods of preparation -
1) Marinate minced chicken in 2 tsp soya sauce, some pepper and 1 tsp corn starch, set it aside
2) Boil the green vegetable and chop it
3) Add the minced chicken and chopped vegetable into the beaten egg and stir lightly
4) Add 1 tsp soya sauce into the mixture
5) Heat oil on fry pan and fry the omelette in medium low heat (to prevent the egg from burning before the meat is cooked).
6) Serve with steam rice

Easy peasy? Bon Appetit!!! *smile*


Michelle said...

So good that your kids eat vegs. I gave Cayden some Fried Long Beans Omelette earlier for dinner. He told me "Mama, tonight's dinner is yucky. I'm not hungry." Qi4 si2 wo3.

Rose said...

very simple indeed.

UmmiRosma said...

Oh this one looks good and rich in vitamins...will have this one tried out the soonest...tnx for sharing dear.

Mama Bliss said...

awww... Michelle, kids are very smart these days... things that they don't like to eat they'll say yucky even though it is gourmet I am sure your long beans omelette tasted great! :)

Mama Bliss said...

Yeah Rose, for busy moms, simple and fuss free preparation is crucial :)