Monday, March 29, 2010

Who's in the Mag?

We've been privileged to be invited by a dear friend whose hubby is a freelance writer of the Mother & Baby magazine.
And my hubby was featured as a "Fab Dad" of the month of April! :)
Our family photo and a short write-up has been featured in the latest copy of Mother & Baby magazine... do read it if you have a copy :)


WaveSurfer said...

Oh I came across that article on this month's M&B magazine! Didn't know it was your family! ^^

Nice interview that was~!

Leonny said...

Hey Pauline ... Congrats! And that's a nice family photo too ... :)


Mama Bliss said...

Thanks Wavesurfer & Leonny :) it was really a privilege to be featured... :)