Friday, March 19, 2010

Simply Homecooked - One Pot Meals!

Ever since our domestic helper left, I have had a difficult time adjusting to preparing every single dinner on my own... the chopping, cooking and washing - it's such a long process... to cook just one meal a day, it already took me almost 3 hours in total (from, preparing to cooking to washing)... I can't imagine having to cook every single meal daily... think I'll probably have to camp in the kitchen.
Fortunately, for some great mommies who advised on preparing one pot meals to solve all the headaches... along the way of working out the meal plans for dinner, I've discovered that fried rice is the easiest to prepare. I'm so grateful that I've found some really fabulous cook books with tons of fried rice recipes... it's easy to follow and definitely yummy!
I tried this stir-fry beef & capsicum rice. It was superbly yummy and oooooooh so easy to prepare... I modified it a little to suit my family's taste... so here is the recipe to share -

Ingredients -
300gms sliced beef (I got this sliced beef for stir-fry from the supermart)
1 large white onion sliced
2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
2 small capsicums, sliced (in differing colours to add interest visually)
1 pot of rice (I used the mixed grain rice ie. white, red, brown; you may just use white if you prefer)
1 tbsp fish sauce (add more if you prefer)
1 egg white
1 tbsp corn flour
Black pepper (to taste)

Method of preparation -
1) Marinate beef in egg white and corn flour for over an hour
2) Add oil into frying pan, and stir-fry sliced onions till fragrant
3) Stir-fry the capsicum till tender, set it aside
4) Add beef and stir-fry till it's brown on the outside (don't overcook the beef)
5) Pour the capsicum back into the frying pan and stir for just a few seconds
6) Add in the rice and fry. Pour the fish sauce and stir-fry for a minute of two
7) Cease fire and serve by adding black pepper on top


Angie said...

what a coincidence! I've also cooked fried rice quite a bit recently because I didn't get to go to the market due to my naughty little gal... lol.
I cooked duck fried rice recently (it's up on my blog)... I've not tried beef fried rice but I think I will soon :) Thanks!

Mama Bliss said...

wow really Angie? Cool, I'll hop over to get the recipe teehehe... fried rice is the easiest to whip out spare us a lot of trouble too ;)

Angie said...

yup! lol... I'm also always constantly thinking about how to minimise the preparation and cooking time so I don't need to camp in the kitchen! I love cooking (and eating), but sometimes I need some me-time so I try to make life easier for myself without compromising on the quality of food!

Gabby Momma said...

Pauline, where to get those recipe books? Looks interesting ;p