Friday, March 19, 2010

Little Missy Loves to Sing

One BIG thing that I like most about sending my kids to this childcare centre is - they come back speaking more mandarin and singing more chinese songs... Little Missy, even had multiple conversations with me in mandarin... *beaming*

All my fears of them becoming an "cheena ang-moh" is now no more a big issue to me. The daily exposure and opportunity to converse with teachers and other kids in mandarin has added to the lightning speed of them picking up the language without resistance. Though Tim still has a little more work to do in improving his pronunciation, he's otherwise enjoying the language now... *happy*

On so many occasions, I had wanted to video Little Missy singing and reciting those mandarin nursery rhymes alas all were too spontaneous and I didn't have the time to whip out my camera and the moment was gone...

I have however, video-ed this clip of her singing two kids' worship songs... please pardon the incorrect lyrics sung... *smile*...

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