Saturday, January 30, 2010

The World Within One Map

It's been in my plans to show my children "the world", and I was excited that in FIAR Volume 1, many of the activities that's suggested in the guide revolve around different countries of the world. Since then, I've been wanting to put up a world map in our house so that the kids could identify the different parts of the world on the map.

I finally did, after more than 8 months of procrastinating. I got one all laminated and ready to be used from the Popular Bookstore, it costed approximately S$11.

I like it that the size is just ideal to be pasted on the door of the children's bedroom. That way I can point and show them the location of the country that we are reading about on the story. It's really convenient. Tim's able to identify several countries in the world map now and he knows Singapore is but a teeny weeny little red dot on the map!

We are also reading these books that involve many different countries (I am also going to include some of the titles that are recommended in FIAR Vol 1)

Working on follow-up activities after reading a book makes learning really fun for us thus far. More activities on FIAR books can be found in Homeschool Share, do take time to check it out.

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