Saturday, January 02, 2010

Tim's Turned 4!

On the night of new year's day in year 2006, I had a baby boy. On this day, year 2010, that boy is now a preschooler. My son, Timothy, is now four.
(Brownie baked by me)
I am totally grateful that my Heavenly Father, has entrusted this boy to me. Through the past 3 years, life was never the same again, as I shoulder the responsibilities of being a mother. Tim, has taught me lots of things in being a mother. We've walked past the times of tears, fears, frustrations, laughters and joy... this ride of motherhood was never dull but filled with excitement and thrills.

And on this day that Tim turns four, I just want to wish him a really Happy and blessed birthday... may the all days of his life be filled with sunshine and smiles... :)


crazymommy said...

Happy Birthday, Timothy!

Rachel said...

That's was a wonderful clip that u have done for Tim. Can see how much he has grow since :) and so many fond memories.

Blessed 4th birthday Timothy.

mamabliss said...

Thanks Crazymommy :)

@Rachel - yeah it certainly has brought me a lot of joy putting this montage together... chronicling Tim's growth and milestones :) it's my plan to do one such montage yearly to chart the kid's developments throughout the years... :)

Joyce Long said...

happy belated birthday to timothy