Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Simply Homecooked - Tom Yam Soup

When it comes to Thai food, the first thought that comes to my mind is Tom Yam soup. Love the intense taste that the soup sets on my taste buds - extremely spicy and sour! Ooooh I simply love it!
Had always wanted to make a pot of Tom Yam soup from scratch on my own - ie. not using any premix paste. I was glad I had the courage to try. This pot of soup just gave me more reason to try new recipes without the use of premix stuff :)
The verdict that I get from the people I've prepared this soup for was - DELICIOUS; AUTHENTIC... *beaming* it's no rocket science but it does take a bit of time to prepare this soup.

Here's the recipe for you to try it out -
Ingredients (C)
200gms medium size prawns - keep shell, make a slit at the back & deveined (you may use more if you wish)
150gms squid - cleaned, cut into slices
1 can straw mushroom - drained, halved
1 can young corn - sliced
2 tomatoes - cut into wedges

Ingredients (B)
2 litres water
2 Knorr Tom Yam cubes
4 stalks lemon grass - sliced into 3 thirds
5 red chilli padi
5 green chilli padi (optional if you don't wish the soup to be too spicy)
2 red chillies - seeded, sliced into 3 thirds
2 green chillies - seeded, sliced into 3 thirds
1 galangal (lengkuas) - cut into half
4 kaffir lime leaves
4 tbsp fish sauce
5 tbsp lime juice (you may add more if you like it more sour)

Ingredients (A)
Blend/pound together:
6 dried chillies - seeded soaked
5 shallots
4 cloves garlic
1" pc shrimp paste (belachan)
Oil for frying

Methods of preparation:
1) Heat 4 tbsp oil in sauce pan, fry (A) till fragrant, add in (B), bring to boil, lower heat and simmer for 15mins.
2) Add in (C), boil for 3 mins, check seasoning, add more lime juice if necessary.


Rachel said...

Looks simply mouth watering! I must give this recipe a try :)

mamabliss said...

yeah it's simply delicious you really must try this recipe!

Joyce Long said...

wah...make me drool!!!

Karen said...

Looks really good though I have a low treshold for spicy food. I totally agree that any dishes done from scratch always taste better than premix. Though it's more work but the taste is so much better and the satisfaction is there.