Friday, January 15, 2010

His Love, Our Gain

Amazing is the love God has for us. We're cruising through life right now... and I'm guilty of taking things for granted, especially so, taking my Heavenly Father, for granted.

Two incidents within a week were sufficient proof of His love & mercies towards us.
Earlier this week, hubby dropped his car key (in the carpark)... we didn't realize till the very next morning when we were about to leave home. The first thought that came to my mind was, the car would have been driven away by whoever that picked up the key.
Just this morning, in our haste of settling the kids into the car before sending them off to school, we left behind 2 computer bags with 2 notebooks in them at the void deck. We only realized 2 hours later that the computers weren't with us (sending chills down my spine when hubby broke the news to me).

However, God was merciful - in these two incidents, we met two wonderful angels.
Angel #1 - Pasted a post-it note on our car's window informing us to pick up the key from him.
Angel #2 - Saw me anxiously searching for the computer bags and pasting a notice at the lift landing seeking for help; she approached me and asked me to pick up the bags at her place.
I was completely speechless as to how much God has been working in our lives even when we don't realize. In spite of my neglect towards Him, He has never failed to show me compassion, mercy and love. Timely as it seemed, my devotion from the ODB was exactly about His unending and unfailing faithfulness. We are just so blessed!

I know I'd never walk alone because He has promised that He'll never leave me nor forsake me.