Friday, December 11, 2009

We Love Being Outdoors!

The key thing a lot of our kids lack in is being outdoors - in nature, mainly due to our small city. After reading up on Charlotte Mason's method of homeschooling, I do agree that it's of utmost importance for the children to be able to stay outdoors amongst nature - to explore the wonders of God's handiwork, to observe how nature has a life of its own without much aid from man, to discover how things work and to truly learn and make sense of the things around them much to the kids' own effort.
I am grateful that there are so many parks and gardens made readily available around us and they are truly beautifully created for our pleasure and to the kids it's a great place for learning - even though the nature of parks/gardens were some how man-made (ie. manicured and prep by man)
We made our way to the Sensory Park recently and by the entrance I pointed out to the kids the wriggly worm that was crossing the path. We squatted down and observe the worm for a few minutes.

When outdoors, it's good to draw the kids' attention to details. That helps them with the habit of being observant of the things around them. With us prompting a few questions, the kids get to build up on those vocabulary as well as learn to describe to us what they see... that in Charlotte Mason's philosophy is narration.
For a start, I just let the kids run and have fun on their own (of course with my eyes peeled on them)... "The more they run and shout, and toss their arms, the more healthful is the play"...(Simply Charlotte Masion)

After all the running and shouting, we ventured further into the park and discovered a whole new world of plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit trees...

The kids get to see, touch & feel bamboo that's not treated yet... :) unlike those we have at home that we used to hang out our laundry hee...
Learning to describe the flower... :)
Huge Aloes...
Observing a Lady's Finger plant...
This park has all the plants & trees clearly labelled and even describe the usage of them.
Tim and his funny antics before the mirror *grin*

They had fun at the Parabolic Dish... watch to find out how it works... :)

Besides all the benefits that the children get out of being outdoors, I am relishing in the joy of no prep work to do, just enjoy the day with the children in the park!

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